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Year 10 GCSE Results

We are delighted with the Year 10 GCSE results for our first cohort of students.  These are the school’s first public exam results for students who joined JCoSS when it opened in September 2010.  Two-fifths of the year sat Science GCSE and nearly all students sat Statistics, all a year early.  

In Science, 95.5% of students gained A*-C; 18% of grades were A* and 65% A or A*.  Compared to their targets, students performed very well: the results put us in the top 25% of schools nationally for adding value.

In Statistics, 90.5% of students gained A*-C.  20% of students scored A* and over 50% scored A* or A.  Compared to their targets, students performed exceptionally well: on average we added an extra grade to every 6th student who took the exam.

Patrick Moriarty, Headteacher, commented: “We are delighted with these results which reflect very hard work by students and teachers – I congratulate them all.  They are excellent first fruits, and augur well for the full set of results to come this time next year.”

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