The Scholars’ Programme

The “Scholars’ Programme” is a programme which promotes and co-ordinates activities to stretch and challenge the most academically able students at JCoSS, alongside those who are hard-working, determined, academically optimistic and ambitious, independently engaged and display attitudes that are vital for  their success in the wider world.At JCoSS we regard being Able & Ambitious as possessing expertise in a developmental stage. This means those students who display, or have a potential to, exhibit exceptional performance in one or more areas of endeavour, be they academic, expressive or social.  JCoSS acknowledges that being exceptionally Able may be subject specific or more general.

The Scholars’ Programme promotes and co-ordinates activities to stretch and challenge Able & Ambitious students within and beyond the classroom, from Years 7 through to 13 and it is also responsible for encouraging students to apply to Oxbridge and other competitive courses as well as managing these applications.



What is involved?

Who for?

It All Adds Up The Mathematical Institute and Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, host two inspiring and engaging day-conferences in Mathematics for girls Year 10
STEM Aspire Days Science, Maths and Tech work in a lab based exploratory learning environment to promote critical thinking and higher order thinking. Years 8/9 – A&A students. Staff nominated.
Arkwright Scholarship An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship of its type in the UK to inspire and nurture school-age students to be the country’s future leaders of the Engineering Profession Year 11




What is involved?

Who for?

Year 10 residential trip to Spain. ADT and Spanish students visit and explore historical and cultural aspects in Southern Spain over 5 days. Students gain an insight on how to be inspired from surroundings which supports advancements in their coursework. KS4 – Year 10
KS3 A&A students accompanying A Level students to the Curwen Print Centre in Cambridgeshire Selection of KS3 and A Level students taken to the Curwen Print Centre in Cambridgeshire KS3 – Year 8/9
Museum/Gallery Visit. GCSE and A Level art students on a trip to a Museum or Gallery. The trip is designed to support their Coursework Units.


KS4 and 5 Booster sessions Opportunities for students to come and improve their coursework. KS4/5: Years 10-13
Art Club Lunch sessions for all students to come and improve their art work All years


Business & Economics


What is involved?

Who for?

Student Investor Challenge Students put together a virtual share portfolio and trade over several months Year 10 and 12
BASE Accounting Competition Students analyse a company’s performance and make recommendations to management Year 12 Economics students
Tenner Challenge Students start a business and aim to make as much profit as possible from a £10 initial investment Year 8 students
Economics In Action Talks from a variety of leading economists Year 13 Economics students




What is Involved?

Who is it for?

Cyber Discovery Competition

A national competition aimed at improving understanding of cyber security

Years 10 to 13

Coding Club

Students can develop their own code one lunchtime per week and get support

Years 7 to 11



What is involved?

Who for?

Shakespeare Schools Festival

Rehearsing and working together to bring the text alive.  Concentration and focus on staging and performance skills. Workshops and performances at JCOSS and The Arts Depot Theatre in Finchley.

30 students across Key stage 3 and 4.

Frantic Assembly Workshop

Visiting practitioner from Frantic Assembly Company to work with students using Physical Theatre.

GCSE and A Level students

The Stanislavsky Experience

Visiting practitioners to work with GCSE and A level students with a focus on Devising Skills, Stanislavsky and Brecht.

GCSE and A level students.

Chickenshed Theatre Company

Students have the opportunity to participate in workshops.

30 students – GCSE, A Level and PSRP.

Theatre visits  students have had opportunities to visit theatres.  Productions this year have included Woman in Black, The Curious Incident of the dog and the Night time, DNA, Label and Everybody is talking about Jamie  
Whole school musical open to all years

students have options to use their performance skills or work in the sound/lighting areas and stage management.

60 – 70 students across the school.


D&T & Food Tech


What is involved?

Who for?

Year 10 residential trip to Spain.

ADT and Spanish students visit and explore historical and cultural aspects in Southern Spain over 5 days. Students gain an insight on how to be inspired from surroundings which supports advancements in their coursework.

KS4 – Year 10

D&T – 6 week Workshop Machine course

Learning how to use the machinery in a safe environment

Less confident students. A&A D&T students will help

D&T – Run a Design Venturer competition

A competition linked with the Design Museum

A&A D&T students

D&T – Rotary Technology Tournament

A problem solving competition

A&A Yr10 & Yr11 students

Food Technology

A cooking competition run in heats

Self select process – all years

KS4 and 5 Booster sessions for both D&T and Food Technology

Opportunities for students to come and improve their coursework.

KS4/5: Years 10-13




 What is involved?

 Who for?

Read for Barnet

Able and Ambitious readers are invited to participate in the ‘Read for Barnet’ project run by UCS. They provide copies of the books to share, facilitate group discussion, gather and edit book reviews for inclusion on the website (prizes for the best ones).

Nominated Year 7 students

Able readers Carnegie shadowing

Students are provided with copies of the books to share, facilitate group discussion, and support preparation of presentation for the inter-school event. They will gather and edit book reviews for inclusion in the website and feed this into other students’ reading experiences in LRC lessons.

Nominated Year 8 students

Barnet Literature Quiz

Students take part in a quiz with other Barnet schools to find the team that has the greatest knowledge of Literature in Year 7.

Y7 – In school winners of Literature quiz

Book Club

Students who enjoy reading are welcome to join Book Club one lunch time a week where they will read and discuss different books each week. Students will also put together the short list of books for the ‘JCoSS Book Award’ and help to run the competition.

Y7, 8, 9 and 10

JCoSS Book Award



Launched by the students in the Book Club, all of KS3 are invited to read the books on the JCoSS Book Award Shortlist. Once the reading is completed, students will present creative responses to the books. The best creative responses will be selected to participate in a reward trip.

All KS3 students

BBC 500 words competition

The BBC 500 words competition invites students all across the country to write a short, 500 word story. There are lots of prizes awarded to the most imaginative and well-written stories including a trip to a royal residence.

All of Year 7 and Year 8 students


Able and ambitious students who have shown aptitude for debating learn the procedure of a formal debate and enter a national debating competition.



Nominated Year 9 students

Globe theatre trip

Students are able to attend a free performance at the globe of a Shakespeare play that has been adapted especially for students.

Reward for ambitious Y8 students



Creative writing club

Students can practice the craft of creative writing in a more informal setting

KS3 students



Workshop at the Globe

To support the study of Romeo and Juliet diligent students are rewarded with a trip to the Globe where they work with actors from the theatre company on key scenes from the play.

KS4 ambitious students

Paired reading



Students in Year 10 meet with Year 7 students weekly to read books together.

Able and ambitious Year 10 students

New Views



This is a prestigious playwriting competition run by the National Theatre.

The New Views programme gives students a unique and exciting opportunity to work with playwrights to produce their own short play, about a challenging issue. The winning play is performed by a group of professional actors at the National Theatre and the runners up see a staged reading of their play.

Students from KS4 and 5

Mentoring of Year 7 students


Key Stage 5 English Literature students are responsible for the academic mentoring of underachieving students in Key Stage Three.

A Level students are able to support literacy and comprehension skills of younger students.

Key Stage 5 English Literature students

Sixth form blog

An opportunity for peers to design and organise an English Literature Blog to support academic progress at A- Level. The Blog contains supporting critical material, advice from students and teachers, and most importantly, reviews and recommendations for wider reading.

Run by KS5 Literature students

Theatre trips

Key Stage 5 theatre trips are frequent throughout the year. There are opportunities to see set texts, as well as enrichment trips to see productions of texts that are relevant in terms of genre or time period.

KS5 Literature students

Study day

The Love Through the Ages Study day is run by examiners and lecturers and supports Paper 1.

KS5 Literature students

Study Days  Lectures on various set texts. Selected students attend the day of lectures, take notes and feedback to classmates  Y12 and Y13 English students

Close reading competition

The close reading competition is run by the EMC and allows students to enter a piece of close analysis of a prose extract. We have had considerable success in this competition in the past!

Y12 students


French, Spanish, Ivrit , Classical Civilisation and Latin


What is involved?

Who for?

National French / Ivrit Spelling Bee    Year 7
Latin Club

For students in years 9 -11 and run by teachers and sixth form, to support and extend knowledge beyond the classroom. 

Years 9-11
Latin Trip Museum of London KS3
Ivrit Cambridge Trip visit to Cambridge Genzia and Department of Modern Hebrew Year 9
French Language Trip Normandy Year 10
Spanish Language Trip Andalucia Year 10
French and Spanish Students 1:1/ Small group Foreign Assistant speaking sessions Y10 – Y13 French & Spanish Students
Shinshinnit Israel Club and Hebrew language support from Israeli Scout leaders volunteering in the UK fromIsrael Y7-Y13 Ivrit
Classical Civilisation and Latin A-Level trips These trips involve theatre trips to see Ancient Greek Tragedy and Comedy alongside carrying opportunities to attend academic lectures on Classical topics Year 12 & 13

Linguistic Olympiad Competition

  – Open to all Y12 & Y13 students.




What is involved?

Who for?

Geography Stretch and challenge in lessons KS3

Differentiated interventions focusing on high level exams skills –

Subscriptions/ Magazine articles  from – Geographical review, the economist, the Royal Geographic association.

Geography Evening lectures to hear specialist speakers through Harrow school   KS5
Sociology  Tailoring resources to stretch the most able for example, exam booklets of past exam questions
– Academic literature in the classroom
– Notice board of revision materials 
– Sociology Review Magazine

Visit Parliament with discussion with a Peer and MPs

Trip to student conference , featuring prominent speakers (e.g. Speaker of HOC)

Politicians visit the school (e.g. Luciana Berger, Theresa Villiers)

Subscription to Politics Review

Year 13s mentoring of Year 12s

Model answer booklets

Independent reading list for key topics to extend student reading


Jewish Education


What is involved?

Who for?

Jewish Hackney Walking Tour Walking tour of Jewish Hackney led by Rachel Kolsky, Blue Badge Guide and founder of Go London Tours. A&A – JE students
Beit Midrash Intensive Jewish learning Self-Select
Jack Petchey Scheme – Achievement Award Recognising achievement Self-Select
Yoni Jesner Award Volunteering Years 7 & 8 – Self Select
Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze/Silver Awards. Weekend excursions, volunteering, development of a skill and a physical challenge. Recognition at Celebration Evening for those who excel. Year 9+ – Self Select
Alan Sennit Community Leadership Programme Young person led social action project Year 10 – Self Select
Rosh Chodesh Spirituality, prayer, education, reflection. All students
Trip to Natural History Museum Evolution vs religion Year 10 selected students
Festival Celebrations Including Chanukah, Purim, Pesach, Yom Ha’atzmaut All students
Commemorations Including Holocaust Memorial Day, Yom HaShoah, Yom Hazikaron All students
Fables and Bagels – Family Education Evenings around festival time Students and families
Summer Programmes Fair  Promoting summer programmes  All students
 Mitzvah Day  Day of community service  Self-Select
 Fairtrade Fortnight  Students volunteer to help with Fairtrade fortnight  Self-Select
 Volunteering Opportunities & Fundraising  Including care home visits, poppy selling, fundraising initiatives, visiting local primaries, litter collection  Self-Select
 Shabbaton  Bonding weekend – A few Year 12s volunteer  Year 7 – Self Select
 Israel Trip  Students tour Israel for a 2 week excursion. Immersing themselves in the culture, religion and landscape of Israel.  Year 9 – Self Select
 Poland Trip  Poland Trip  Year 13 – Self Select
 6th Form JE  1 hour per week  All Year 12 & 13
 We Day  Day promoting social action  15 students engaged in Social Action
 Pause for Prayer  Weekly prayer/reflection activity  All students
 Manna from Heaven  Making food for homeless people  Self Select
 Philosophy Club  Debating and Discussion on topical issues within Judaism  Self Select
 Israel Club  Israel Club  Self Select
 Kabbalat Shabbat  Prayer  Self Select




What is involved?

Who for?

UKMT junior, intermediate and senior individual challenges. Students sit a paper in exam conditions. Questions are designed to make you think out the box. Years 7-13
UKMT team challenge. Trip out of school to compete against other schools in different style maths challenges Years 7-13
British Mathematical Olympiad This is the follow-on round for the senior UKMT Challenge. Years 12-13
STEP preparation and support for STEP exams, aimed at Oxbridge candidates Years 12-13
Mathematical Olympiad for Girls Aimed to encourage and inspire as many girls as possible to get involved in advannced mathematical problem solving Year 11
Reach for the 9s weekly additional sessions for GCSE students aiming for grade 9 Year 11
AMSP Maths Feast The Y10 Maths feast is an enjotyable and challenging team competition testing mathematical, team working and communication skills. Year 10
Weekly Maths Quiz Challenging problem solving questions set through insight. KS3
Bletchley Park Trip Students explore, experience and enjoy the once top-secret world of iconic codebreaking huts, learning hrough hands on activities and immersive experiences. Year 8


Media & Film Studies


What is involved?

Who for?

Film Club Creating films and entering film competitions Year 7 and 8 students (self-select and recommended by teachers)
Media Team Students form a media team to film events and shows in school.
Filming events that happen in school
Year 12/13
Media Consultant A media consultant industry comes in for a day to run tutored media revision. Year 12&13




What is involved?

Who for?

JCOSS Singers Singing to a high level of competence and skill. Performing in public both in and out of school Year 7 Vocalists
Chamber Choir Singing to a high level of competence and skill. Performing in public both in and out of school Years 7 to 13 Entry by audition/invitation
Junior Jazz Band Playing Jazz/Big Band music Performing in public both in and out of school Saxes/Trumpets/Trombones (up to Grade 4) ALL YEARS
Woodwind Ensemble Playing classical wind ensemble pieces

Woodwind & Brass instrumentalists ALL YEARS

Guitar Ensemble   guitarists ALL YEARS
Jazz Band Playing Jazz/Big Band music Performing in public both in and out of school. Saxes/Trumpets/Trombones open to all Grade 4 upwards ALL YEARS
String Ensemble Playing classical string ensemble pieces Performing in public both in and out of school Violinists/Violas/Cellos ALL YEARS
Senior Singers Singing to a high level of competence and skill. Performing in public both in and out of school Years 8 to 11 singers
Percussion Ensemble Playing arrangements and original music for tuned percussion ensemble Percussionists/Pianists ALL YEARS
Sixth Form Close Harmony  a capella Singing to a high level of competence and skill. Performing in public both in and out of school Sixth formers by invitation


Physical Education

Able information:

  • Students get nominated to attend trials in a range of sports at district and county level (not all year groups have district or county teams to nominate students for)
  • Extra-curricular fixtures for students to represent JCoSS at County/Regional level (boys and girls football, table tennis, Cross-country)
  • Extra-curricular fixtures for students to represent JCoSS at District level (boys and girls football, badminton, athletics, basketball, netball, rounders, cricket, handball, table tennis, Cross-country)
  • Extra-curricular school clubs in a range of sports after-school for students
  • Inter-Form Competitions for students to represent their forms in basketball, handball, football, netball and athletics.
  • Maccabi Tournaments for students to represent JCoSS competing in inter-school events
  • Nominations to represent Maccabi GB in a range of sporting activities.

Ambitious information:

  • Students can apply to be a Sports Ambassador in year 7 and if/when places become available in subsequent years
  • Sports Ambassadors represent the school in external competitions as coaches, umpires and leaders
  • Sports Ambassadors also run sporting initiatives within JCoSS to increase oppurtunities for their peers to participate in sport.


What is involved?

Who for?

Science club

Weekly experiments and science enrichment activities with Miss Brogden and Mr Orr

KS3 students
Research projects

Numerous research projects built in to our KS3 scheme of learning as extension and enrichment activities


KS3 students
Cavendish lab visit   KS4 GCSE Physics students

Combined armed forces STEM day

  Year 8

CERN trip 

  Year 12 & 13

Safe cracking challenge

  Year 12

JCoSMos- weather balloon

  Run by Year 12

Planetarium opportunity

  KS3 Students

Doctors visit

Assist with medical applications to universities

Year 12 & 13

Visiting neuroscientist



Social Action


What is involved?

Who for?

6th Form JE Lessons on a broad range of Jewish themes Years 12-13
Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership Programme Inter-school leadership training programme Year 10 – Self Select
Beit Midrash Intensive Jewish learning Years 7-9 – Self Select
Charity Fair Fair to choose school charities for the year Self Select
Festival activities Activities in the heartspace for festivals Self Select
Gap Year Workshop and Fair Introduction to gap years Year 12
Interfaith Linking – St Augustine’s Priory School Interfaith linking programme with St Augustine’s Priory Schoo Year 9 girls – Self Select
Interfaith Linking – Tawhid Boys School Interfaith linking programme with Tahwid Boys School Year 9 boys – Self Select
Interfaith Tent Interfaith encounters and workshops in the Interfaith Tent Years 7-9
Interfaith Week Interfaith social action projects Years 7-9 – Self Select
Israel Club Lunchtime club – Israel games and activities Self Select
Israel Journey 2 week immersive Israel Tour Year 9 – Self Select
Israel Tour Fair Youth movement promotion of Israel Tour Year 11
JCoSS Leadership Academy Leadership development programme Years 12-13 – Self Select
JCoSS Shabbat Baking Challah for JCoSS Shabbat Self Select
Kabbalat Shabbat Kabbalat Shabbat prayers Self Select
Maccabi GB Challenge Israel Tour Israel Tour for young people with learning disabilities Year 12-13 – Self Select
Manna from Heaven Lunchtime club – Baking for Homeless Action Barnet Self Select
Mincha Mincha prayers Self Select
Mitzvah Day Day of community service Self Select
Poland Trip Poland Trip Year 12 – Self Select
Pride Week Activities for LGBT+ Pride Week Self Select
Rosh Chodesh Prayer, reflection and Jewish education sessions on Rosh Chodesh Years 7-9
Rosh Chodesh ‘TED’ style talks on Rosh Chodesh from distinguished guests Years 10-11
Social Snacktion Social action reward club Self Select
Sukkot & Social Action Sessions with school charities in the Sukkah Self Select
Summer Programme Fair Youth movement promotion of summer camps Years 7-10 – Self Select
Team Tikkun Social Action Committee Self Select
Volunteering Opportunities, Community Visits & Fundraising Visits to care homes and community events Self Select
We Day Day promoting social action 15 students engaged in social action
Year 10 Lag B’Omer Residential Trip away for Lag B’Omer Year 10 – Self Select
Year 7 IJE Values based curriculum delivered through IJE Year 7
Year 7 Shabbaton Weekend away Year 7 – Self Select
Year 8 Volunteering Each student completes an hour of volunteering in school time Year 8
Yom Tzedakah Fundraisers days led by each year group Each year group
Yoni Jesner Award Volunteering award Years 7 & 8 – Self Select