Voluntary Contributions

JCoSS prides itself on ensuring students achieve, enrich and inspire. Our school offers a unique educational experience, yet there are many financial challenges facing the operations of a secondary school and even more so for a Jewish secondary school.  That’s why we need YOUR support to guarantee the continuation of our successful school.

Voluntary contributions to the JCoSS Trust are a critical part of the running costs of the school as they pay for the Jewish Ethos and Jewish education that we provide – both the formal lessons and the huge range of other informal activities that students enjoy, from Purim celebrations to our award-winning Interfaith and volunteering activities.  Over the course of any one week, every student in the school will have the opportunity to benefit from the school’s Jewish education, either informally or formally.

The contributions also supplement the money that comes in from the Government; this allows our superb staff to deliver on academic excellence and promote thinking hard at the centre of all learning. They are committed to enabling the full potential of all students to be met and often exceeded.

The opportunities for students are diverse and varied across the school; this is only possible by providing opportunities to look both forward and outwards. The school is built on the principle that we explore new ideas and experiences, not just in classroom lessons but also extending that learning beyond the physical classroom. Supporting this endeavour is vital to ensuring that the JCoSS graduate is aware of the varied ways to demonstrate success as a person and that they leave as a well-rounded adult.

How is your voluntary contribution spent?

Jewish Education – staffing and resources of the students’ formal education.

Ethos – wide range of informal Jewish education: events and festivities to enrich students’ Jewish identity.

Staffing Levels – from the fantastic classroom teachers to Support Staff both in and out of the classroom.

Pastoral – effective provision to support all social, emotional, and mental health concerns of students.

Security – ensuring all those at the school are safe.

Maintenance – the facilities and running costs of the school.