The JCoSS Governing Body (as reconstituted in September 2015) consists of 16 members:

  • 4 Parent Governors drawn from and elected by current JCoSS parents
  • 1 Governor nominated by Barnet Local Authority
  • 1 Staff Governor, drawn from and elected by JCoSS staff
  • The Headteacher
  • 9 Foundation Governors, nominated by the JCoSS Trust; of these, 2 are proposed by Norwood


The full Governing Body usually meets 4 times per year.  It has 5 committees which meet prior to each meeting of the full Body:

  1. Finance and Premises – dealing with matters relating to the budget, school buildings, security, and health & safety
  2. Teaching and Learning – dealing with matters relating to the quality of teaching, the progress of students, examination results, and the Jewish ethos of the school
  3. Inclusion – dealing with all matters of student behaviour and wellbeing, Special Educational Needs and the PSRP
  4. Admissions – dealing with matters relating to the Admissions Policy for the main school and 6th form
  5. Personnel – dealing with matters relating to teaching and non-teaching staff, including appraisal and training


Governors also form part of a joint Ethos Committee (with the JCoSS Trustees).


The Governing Body acts as a critical friend to the school, receiving regular reports on the budget, premises, expected results and progress towards them, the quality of teaching, admissions, staffing, Jewish ethos, the self-evaluation and planning processes, and all other achievements of the school and its students.  It sets the admissions policy, approves the school budget, formally determines the pay of all staff, appoints (and appraises the performance of) the Headteacher, and is responsible for maintaining policies on all aspects of the school’s work.


The Governors, together with the JCoSS Trustees, provide strategic oversight, influence and expertise in a range of fields.  In addition to regular, ongoing support and challenge, their recent work has included the following particular issues, with the impact indicated:




Maintaining the school’s principal objectives of academic excellence and an inclusive Jewish ethos

Close supervision of academic data, exploring the challenges with the Headteacher and senior staff in committee and occasional school visits.


Critical friendship has helped ensure robust actions by the school in addressing challenges, including those presented by the pandemic.  The school’s appraisal and performance management systems are robust, fair and clear.


The most recent s8 (short) Ofsted report confirmed the 2015 ‘Good’ judgment and noted areas that might justify an ‘Outstanding’ judgment at the next full s5 (full) Inspection.


Academic results and value-added are consistently strong for GCSE, A level and Vocational courses. 2019 results were among the top few for similar schools nationally and led to a Sunday Times award.

Managing the impact of the Pandemic

Regular contact with the Headteacher and senior colleagues throughout pandemic-related closures, support in dealings with Government regarding remote learning and in management of contracts etc.  Critical friendship and challenge re provision during closure.


Providing gifts and letters of appreciation to staff at critical points for morale.


Maintaining the unique pluralist Jewish ethos of the school

Providing critical friendship via the Ethos Committee to finesse, debate and promote this unique aspect of the school, keep fresh our clarity about aims, and explaining it to any who question. 


Planning for celebrations of the school’s ‘Bnei Mitzvah’ (coming of age) at 13 years from foundation (2023).  Two alumni have been co-opted to the Ethos Committee to add new perspective.


The School was rated Outstanding in all categories by Pikuach in an Ofsted s43 Inspection in November 2017.


Supporting the provision for Learning Support and the PSRP

Supporting a restructure of provision to ensure proper staffing and support levels, and optimal structures to cater for the large and sometimes intense demands in this area.


Support in responding to formal complaints with a view to informal resolution; ongoing scrutiny to ensure lessons learned.


Ensuring that safeguarding provision is fully in place and effective, particularly in light of the Everyone’s Invited movement

Detailed and thorough discussion of the school’s response to the issue raised by testimonies on Everyone’s Invited; a review of lessons learned; the production and scrutiny of specific policies relating to Peer on Peer Abuse.


Termly scrutiny of Safeguarding statistics, Single Central Record and headlines from current caseload by Safeguarding Governors, with presentation to full Board.

Monitoring the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent


Regular review of the school’s finances throughout the year in committee and an annual presentation to the whole Governing Body by the Finance Director. Financial control and procedures for ensuring value for money are excellent

Developing a vision for the forward development of the school in relation to possible expansion and new vocational 6th form provision.

Strategic discussions with the Headteacher and senior colleagues are helping to hone key priorities for leadership, fundraising and governance.

Scrutiny of plans and support in securing planning permission and in making bids for capital funding.



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