Staff Wellbeing at JCoSS

We are deeply committed to promoting the wellbeing of our staff at JCoSS and believe that safeguarding the physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of all our staff is at the core of our success. We try to reduce unnecessary workload wherever we can and seek to promote health and emotional and professional wellbeing through a wide range of initiatives. We have a dedicated Emotional and Wellbeing Practitioner, a member of SLT with oversight of Staff Wellbeing and a Wellbeing Team which meets regularly, providing a forum to promote professional and personal wellbeing; to explore and review the way that staff work and to plan events to ensure a happy, healthy and positive working environment for all.

Staff Wellbeing is the heart of what we do to ensure that all staff members feel valued, supported and invested in as well as offering opportunities for enjoying activities together.


100% of staff believe that JCoSS is a good place to work (Staff Survey 2020)

JCoSS is an exceptional place to work”
What staff say about working at JCoSS:

 “The ethos of the school is excellent”

“Exceptionally supportive team”

“Relationships with my brilliant colleagues”

“Sense of a shared goal and being part of a school with such a distinct ethos”

“The kindness and support from the most senior members of staff in JCoSS”

“The ability to maintain a satisfactory work-life balance”