School Uniform

Uniform is an important part of the JCoSS ethos, helping all students to learn together on an equal basis. All uniform listed below is compulsory, unless noted as optional.

Items marked with a * must be purchased from the school uniform suppliers (see below)

  • Black blazer with purple trim*
  • Grey knitted, v-neck jumper with purple stripe in the ‘V’*
  • Either plain black school skirt with JCoSS logo*, or black school trousers (a fitted variety is available from our official suppliers). Skirts must reach at least 2 cm below the ends of fingertips when arms are placed at sides.
  • Plain white poly-cotton or cotton blouse or shirt with collar, long or short sleeves
  • Plain white v-neck t-shirt/vest (optional): this should not be visible
  • Plain black socks or plain black/flesh coloured tights, without patterns or logos
  • Plain black low-heeled leather school shoes. Black trainers are not allowed and footwear should not display obvious logos.
  • A plain practical school bag
  • Kippa (optional) – a school kippa is available for purchase from the school
  • Make-up, nail varnish, false nails and piercings are not permitted, other than one pair of plain small earstuds worn in the earlobe. Jewellery, rings and necklaces should not be worn (other than a discreet religious symbol on a necklace worn under the shirt)
  • Hair should be of a natural colour and not shorter than grade 2. Long hair must be tied back using a tie of discreet design and colour
  • Coats should be waterproof and of discreet colour. 
  • Coloured lanyard to identify year group


  • Black/Purple/White panelled polo shirt with JCoSS logo*
  • Plain Black/Purple/White panelled football style shorts*
  • Plain black football style socks: a change of socks is essential, as feet can get wet during PE lessons
  • Multi-purpose plimsolls/training shoes with non-marking soles
  • Football or rugby studded boots for PE lessons on the field
  • Outdoor wear: either hooded panelled PE top* or black/purple/white panelled football-style shirt* with black tracksuit trousers with purple trim*
  • Leggings (optional) – black leggings with JCoSS logo
  • Students may bring their own sports equipment and sport-specific footwear (e.g. football/hockey boots) for out-of-lesson practices and matches should they wish to

PE kit purchased in line with previous uniform lists remains permitted for students in Years 10 and above.

Summer dress code:

From the date of the first GCSE examination (usually mid-May), the following amendments apply to the uniform policy:

  • Shirts may be replaced with plain white polo shirts. Shirts must continue to be tucked in, whereas polo shirts are designed to fall at around belt level. Students may be instructed to tuck their polo-shirt in if they are particularly baggy/untidy.
  • Blazers need to be accessible, in case of formal events such as assemblies or meeting visitors. However they can be stowed in bags or lockers.

Official Uniform Suppliers:

  • Uniform4Kids: 1103/05 Finchley Road, London NW11 0QB. Tel: 020 8209 0999
  • Howard Bros:                30 The Broadway, Mill Hill, NW7 3LL. Tel 020 8959 4987
  • Lyons School Shop: 242 Hertford Road, Enfield, EN3 5BL. Tel: 020 8804 3627

Preloved Uniform

Please click here to view our preloved uniform, an initiative from our JPA (JCoSS Parents Association), with all proceeds going directly to supporting the school.  


The uniform is priced to be amongst the most affordable of those required by good state schools. Support is available for families with current proof of receipt of relevant state benefits . Families in need of support are encouraged to contact the School.