Examination Performance

Key Stage 4 (GCSE) Results







% of grades that were an A* or A  




% of grades that were at A*-C





% of students that achieved A* or A grades in 8 or more subjects





% achieving 5 or more GCSEs at A*-C, including English and Maths

How many students achieved the nationally expected GCSE grades?




% achieving the English Baccalaureate

How many students achieved the portfolio of GCSE qualifications deemed to be ‘high value’? (English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Languages)




Average Attainment 8 Grade

How well did students do on average in their best 8 ‘qualifying subjects’ at GCSE? 8=A* 7=A 6=B 5=C 4=D 3=E 2=F 1=G




Average Total Progress 8

How much progress have students made at JCoSS over and above national expectations? The figure is expressed as a decimal of a grade added by JCoSS, per student per subject.





NB:  For 2017, the official GCSE statistics published by the DfE and reported in the press are different from what we have published on our website, because the rules for official DfE calculations only use GCSE Maths taken in year 11. They do not include early entry GCSE Maths (Y10) or Further Maths GCSE (Y11) which our 30 ablest Mathematicians sat in June 2016 and 2017.  These students achieved excellent results (96% A*-A for GCSE Maths and 83% A – A* for GCSE Further Maths) but these grades are not counted in the DfE statistics.  This has had the effect of lowering our official results for Progress, Attainment, % of students with strong passes in Maths & English, and EBacc, as well as our relative position in the tables

We took the view that in order to stretch these very able students they should take Maths GCSE early and then Further Maths GCSE in Year 11.  As a result, our official figures, are all lower than they should be.  Neither set of figures is incorrect – but the ones on our website show more fairly and fully the excellent quality of our students and our teachers.

Key Stage 5 (A level) Results

2015:  37% of all grades were either an A* or A, and well over a third of all students achieved 2As or more. A quarter of students achieved AAA or better, and 17% of all grades were A*.  For the second year running, our ALPS score for adding value at A level was Grade 2, representing “Outstanding overall performance”.

2016:  For the second year running 38% of all grades were either an A* or A, and two-thirds of grades were at B or above, achieved by 23 students who came to our 6th form from previous schools.  Two JCoSS students will take up places at Medical School this year, and one will take up a place at Cambridge; the great majority of students who applied for university places have comfortably met either their firm or insurance offers.

2017:   We are delighted to announce our first full set of A Level Results from our pioneering student cohort who joined JCoSS in 2010 when the school first opened.  Overall, over a third of grades were either A* or A, and over two-thirds of grades were at Grade B or above.  88% of all grades were A*-C.  We are thrilled that both students who received Oxbridge offers have also received the necessary grades to take up their places at Cambridge.


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