Teacher Training at JCoSS

Interested in training to become a teacher?
JCoSS offers opportunities for initial teacher training (ITT) through a variety of routes and supports staff in attaining QTS/PGCE in ways best suited to individual needs.

Schools Direct
School-centred Initial teacher training (SCITT) allows teacher trainees to spend four days a week in school, with the remaining day spent studying the theory of teaching and learning. Depending on the provider, trainees will attain either QTS or PGCE.  Whilst in school, trainees are supported by a mentor and spend time observing and teaching lessons increasingly independently.

JCoSS works in partnership with three training providers, the London School of Jewish Studies and Teaching London and the TES Institute.

Teaching London: http://www.teachinglondon.org/
Applications are made via UCAS to the lead school in our cluster, Wren Academy, and we interview and train successful candidates. We offer unsalaried training places in a range of subject areas.

The London School of Jewish Studies  http://www.lsjs.ac.uk/
Applications are made through UCAS and are particularly suitable for those with an interest in gaining experience of working ain a Jewish school and for those training in Jewish Education and Ivrit.

TES Institute – Straight to Teaching  https://www.tes.com/institute/straight-to-teaching-qts
Straight to Teaching is a unique programme particularly suitable for staff already working in a school environment, such as Learning Support Assistant or unqualified teachers, who are able and experienced enough to take on a timetable independently while undertaking the training programme.

University –led training
We offer placements to PGCE students from Higher Education partners including IoE, Goldsmiths and Middlesex University.

The JCoSS Programme for ITT

  • A comprehensive in-school training programme tailored to individual needs
  • Opportunities to observe across a range of subjects
  • Reduced timetable including a range of ages and key stages
  • Regular meetings with a dedicated  subject mentor
  • Access to the Professional Co-ordinating Mentor
  • Regular lesson observations and feedback from a range of staff
  • Involvement in all aspects of school life  

Other partnerships
To support our work, JCoSS is developing partnerships with a number of local schools, including Archer Academy, Wren and Compton. We have established links with local primary schools, Livingstone and Alma as well as other Jewish secondary schools.

If you have any queries regarding training to teach, please contact:

Kate Lightman (Assistant headteacher i/c staff training)