Joining JCoSS from other schools

We are delighted that many students choose to join JCoSS for their 6th form journey. 

Whether you are joining JCoSS because of our wide range of courses, because of our outward-looking pluralist Jewish ethos, or simply because you want a fresh start, you will find JCoSS to be a school that offers outstanding education in a warm and welcoming environment.

JCoSS students Juliette Wander and Talia Krais joined JCoSS for the 6th form and were happy to share their experiences for our website..

Juliette Wander – came to JCoSS from Channing

“I really wanted to come to a school with a warm community, plus I heard there was a good Oxbridge programme and teacher support.  I am taking Biology, Chemistry and Maths A Levels and I am so pleased I came here because it has lived up to everything I had hoped for.  The Oxbridge programme in particular has made me feel more confident with my application and I have been given excellent guidance for my personal statement.”


Talia Krais – Came to JCoSS from Highgate

“I have found that the teachers at JCoSS really care about the students – even if you haven’t been here from the start of Year 7. I was very happy at Highgate but when I came to see JCoSS it had a great vibe, it ticked all the boxes and it just felt right for me.  I love it here and I can’t imagine being anywhere else now. My teachers have been incredible and have really helped me in my subjects English Lit, Psychology and History and I feel like I just fitted in.”


OFSTED also highly praised the outstanding care and support given to students that join from other schools..

“Learners are very positive about the sixth form. They value the outstanding care and support provided, particularly those who join from different schools. This helps them to integrate with ease. Careful, structured information, guidance and support contribute to learners starting the sixth form knowing that the courses selected will take them towards their future aspirations. They very much appreciate the support and feedback from lessons which contribute to them improving their work.”