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A Level and AS Results

JCoSS are delighted with their first set of A-Level results, achieved by students who came to the JCoSS 6th form from previous schools.  36 students took A-Levels at JCoSS this year and almost 70% of all grades were A*-B.

Patrick Moriarty, Headteacher commented “During the two years these students have been with us, they have worked hard, together with their teachers, to produce excellent results. In a large number of cases they have out-performed their original targets, particularly at the top of the ability range, and we are very proud of them.”

Almost all students achieved their first choice offer requirements and are now set to attend prestigious universities including University College London (UCL), Bristol, Exeter, York, Royal Holloway, Leeds and Nottingham.

Amongst many outstanding achievements are those of:  Nes Hirst Ashuach (2A* 2A), Natalie Sternberg (2A*1B), Joel Becker (A*AB), Dom Michaelson (A*AB), Rosalyn Frances A*AB, Bobbie Plant 3A.

We are also delighted by the AS results achieved by Year 12, who have been at JCoSS for one academic year.  Notable achievements are from two pairs of twins, Maya and Tamar Moshkovitz, and Daniel and Nathan Graff who achieved 15 A grades and 2 B grades collectively.  Other high achievers include Jay Engleman, Danny Driver, Nicole Segal and Zachary Cohen who all achieved 3 or more A grades at AS level.

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