JCoSS 6th Form Appearance Code

We respect our students’ individuality and originality; we believe they should have the freedom and responsibility to present themselves appropriately for school.

Their appearance needs to be suitable for a working day in school and should reflect the professional environment of an academic institution. This applies to clothing, hair, make-up and jewellery.

Suitable appearance relies on sensible judgment, and some examples of what is not appropriate are given below as a guide to students. Students’ appearance may be challenged by any member of staff. In cases of dispute or doubt, the Head of Year’s decision is final.

The following, although not an exhaustive list, are not permitted in school:

  •  Torn or ripped clothing
  •  Tracksuits (tops or bottoms)
  •  Shorts, mini-skirts (even with tights). As a rule, skirts should reach at least 2″ below your fingertips with arms at your sides
  •  Offensive pictures or slogans
  •  Flip flops or backless shoes
  •  See-through clothing, revealing clothing or visible underwear
  •  Hats on/hoods up when in the building
  •  Facial piercings (ear piercings are fine within reason)
  •  Unnatural hair colours
  •  Visible tattoos

Students whose appearance is inappropriate will be asked to wear alternative clothing or will be sent home to change.

NB: The Dress code applies to all students including those in the PSRP 6th Form; reasonable adjustments will be made for 6th form students with a Statement or EHCP when necessary and when jointly agreed between PSRP or Learning Support and main school 6th Form staff.