JCoSS 6th Form Appearance Code

The Appearance Code for 6th form students is largely the same as that for staff.  This welcomes a wide range of styles and gives room for originality and creativity, while upholding the need to dress appropriately for a working day as an adult in the professional environment of a school.

The school community includes students from 11-18 and staff from their 20s to their 70s.  All members of the community need to dress in a way that reflects the school’s ethos and be mindful of the modelling they provide to others, especially younger students. 

‘Appropriate’ means ‘what belongs’ in a particular setting. The key guide to whether clothing is suitable for school is whether a member of staff would wear it

The following, mostly based on the Code of Conduct for Staff, provides a guide to 6th form students on what is appropriate to school:

  • Clothing is practical, safe, comfortable and clean.
  • It does not include shorts or tracksuit bottoms; there are no rips (intentional or otherwise) and no suggestive, aggressive or political messaging.
  • Clothing covers shoulders and midriff, and does not overemphasize body shape.  No underwear is visible.
  • Tattoos and body piercings are not visible, other than discreet ear rings and nose studs (NB the legal minimum age for tattoos is 18)
  • Hats, coats and hoods are not worn in the building
  • Hair should be of a natural colour
  • Shoes have covered toes and backs (i.e. no flip flops)

This is not an exhaustive list, because suitable appearance relies on sensible judgment and on reading the context.  Students’ appearance may be questioned by any member of staff: they may be asked to find alternative clothing or sent home to change.  In cases of dispute or doubt, the Head of Year’s decision is final.

NB: The Appearance Code applies to all students; reasonable adjustments will be made for individuals when necessary and when agreed between relevant staff, students and parents

September 2022