Welcome to the JCoSS 6th Form

The Sixth Form is a uniquely rewarding and exciting time in your school life.

Whether you are joining JCoSS for the first time for the Sixth Form, or continuing with us from our own Year 11, you are embarking on a very significant time in your education. The studying you do, the examinations you sit and the choices you make will shape your future in ways that nothing else has done so far. You are ready for new responsibilities, new freedoms and new opportunities, both in academic study and in other activities.

As you will see from the pages that follow, the JCoSS Sixth Form, judged as Outstanding by Ofsted, gives you an exceptional learning platform for these two vital years. With excellent teaching and support, state-of-the-art facilities, exciting opportunities outside the curriculum and our distinctive pluralist Jewish ethos, the JCoSS Sixth Form provides a unique opportunity for students.

We know that every student has different needs and our Sixth Form has been created to reflect this. Whether you wish to follow a traditional A-Level path or a vocational route, there are courses to complement and develop your abilities and aspirations.

As is true throughout the school, we are determined that our Sixth Form students should have every opportunity to achieve the highest standards in all that they do. Our aim is that they leave JCoSS enriched and inspired, and go on to enrich and inspire others with all they have gained during their JCoSS journey.

Jonathan Lorrimer

Head of 6th Form