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Science Specialist Status @ JCoSS

JCoSS is very proud to be a Science Specialist School.  Science is at the heart of so many significant life-changing technological developments and we want our students to understand and experience this first hand.  Through a strong focus on maths and science, we are dedicated to giving each and every student the educational experience which will equip them to live in a vibrant and fast-moving world. 

Our aim with this specialism is to use Science and Maths as levers of change, helping us to secure outstanding attainment, achievement and participation at School, and generating enthusiastic students who are competent in thinking across curriculum boundaries.  Of course our focus is our own students but through outreach work we extend this vision to include our partner schools and our community.

A science-rich understanding of issues facing the modern world pervades the entire curriculum, and has resulted in a number of interesting and unique projects that have really brought science to life:

Students have seen demonstrations from Science Museum lecturers and worked with the Natural History Museum to video conference with their scientists as they embark on an expedition to Paraguay.    JCoSS is also a partner with the Institute of Physics, who will host and support School Lectures.

In our weekly Science Club, students have extracted DNA from fruit and are now working cross-curricularly with the Art, Design & Technology faculty to build a giant DNA chandelier which will be on permanent display at school.

National Science and Engineering week is coming up and JCoSS will be participating in and hosting various events, including a competition for one of our students to win a digital microscope.  We will also be celebrating Einstein’s Birthday: the Heart Space will be filled with exciting hands-on Physics experiments for all staff and students to have a go at.  Plus the canteen will be serving jelly and ice cream, made by the appliance of science and a favourite for all Scientist birthday parties!

Our students will soon be starting an exciting and cutting edge project, ‘Walking with Robots.’  This involves building robots out of Lego and programming them to carry out various tasks.

To end the term on an even bigger high, we are taking the whole school on a cross-curricular visit to London Zoo where students will be working on science, maths and ICT projects.

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