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Classics Week

This week, JCoSS has been celebrating its eighth annual Classics Week.  This year’s theme is the myth of Echo and Narcissus – the girl who lost her voice and the boy who fell in love with himself (narcissism being a word we have heard a lot, in recent years).

Years 7, 8 & 9 have responded to this timeless myth with fantastic imagination and creativity – courtesy of their inspiring lessons with the English Faculty. Their artwork has been on display this week at school.

Year 7 learned about Latin (which they can take up next year) from their Y8 and Y10 peers, while Year 8 enjoyed a performance of Nero and Poppaea’s love story, expertly staged by Y12 Class Civ and Drama students.  This included an operatic duet, Monteverdi’s “Pur ti miro”, sung with brio by Mrs Trup and Mr Arden.

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