Main School Learning Support

The JCoSS Learning Support Faculty aims to assist staff in meeting the needs of all students within the school, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).  The Director of Inclusion, who also holds the role of SENCo, leads a team of staff, including a Deputy SENCo, two part-time SEN teachers, and Learning Support Assistants, some of whom act in the role of seniors.

At JCoSS our aim is to build the independence and resilience of students in all aspects of their lives.  We provide individualised support as specified on a student’s Statement or EHCP, or where necessary according to their needs.  Learning Support Assistants either work with a range of students, usually within the classroom but sometimes on a withdrawal basis, or are based in faculties. We use our best endeavours to ensure that support is tailored to meet individual needs.

Although the students themselves are the focus of our support in school, we highly value the involvement of parents and carers and seek to form a partnership with them to achieve the best outcomes. Communication with the faculty is welcomed, whether by phone or email or through meetings at school.

We liaise with a range of specialist services to support students as necessary.  We ensure that students have  Access Arrangements in place as needed for examinations.

The Learning Support Faculty works alongside the Pears Special Resourced Provision (PSRP) for students with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, but in terms of admissions and funding the two departments operate on an entirely different basis.  The main school Learning Support Faculty is resourced in the same way as any other Barnet secondary school.

In common with all schools, JCoSS is working towards full implementation of the new Children and Families Act 2014, and the revised Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs.  The School’s policies for SEND and for Disability Equality & Accessibility, as well as Barnet’s Local Offer and our SEND information report can be found in our Policies and Guidance section below.

If you wish to contact our Director of Learning Support, Mrs Sonya Beale, please email or phone 020 8344 2220