Learning Ethos

Achieve: We are committed to academic excellence and have a relentless and ambitious concern for outstanding results. We are committed to ensuring each child is successful in all that they do so they achieve their full potential and out-perform their own expectations. . We seek to prepare them in every way to go out into the world empowered and enriched by their innovative, outward looking Jewish educational experience.

Enrich: We offer a culturally rich environment and are committed to continuously exploring new ideas so that every student is enriched by their educational experience. Our innovative view of Jewish education empowers, enriches and looks outwards, and we expect our students and teachers to embody the characteristics of integrity, honour and dignity. We balance academic endeavour with personal achievement: well-rounded and enriched children are better able to become fulfilled and successful adults.

Inspire: We encourage curious minds that can think creatively and we aim to inspire brilliance in all our students. By supporting and nurturing personalised learning, we will get the best out of each student. Our school environment has been designed to inspire; it is a space ripe for creativity and the cross-pollination of ideas and learning.