What is involved?

 Who for?

Able readers Carnegie shadowing

Students are provided with copies of the books to share, facilitate group discussion, and support preparation of presentation for the inter-school event. They will gather and edit book reviews for inclusion in the website and feed this into other students’ reading experiences in LRC lessons.

Nominated Year 8 students

Book Club

Students who enjoy reading are welcome to join Book Club one lunch time a week where they will read and discuss different books each week. Students will also put together the short list of books for the ‘JCoSS Book Award’ and help to run the competition.

Y7, 8, 9 and 10

JCoSS Book Award



Launched by the students in the Book Club, all of KS3 are invited to read the books on the JCoSS Book Award Shortlist. Once the reading is completed, students will present creative responses to the books. The best creative responses will be selected to participate in a reward trip.

All KS3 students

Globe theatre trip

Students are able to attend a free performance at the globe of a Shakespeare play that has been adapted especially for students.

Reward for ambitious Y8 students



Workshop at the Globe

To support the study of Romeo and Juliet diligent students are rewarded with a trip to the Globe where they work with actors from the theatre company on key scenes from the play.

KS4 ambitious students

Paired reading



Students in Year 10 meet with Year 7 students weekly to read books together.

Able and ambitious Year 12 students

New Views



This is a prestigious playwriting competition run by the National Theatre.

The New Views programme gives students a unique and exciting opportunity to work with playwrights to produce their own short play, about a challenging issue. The winning play is performed by a group of professional actors at the National Theatre and the runners up see a staged reading of their play.

Students from KS4 and 5

Theatre trips

Key Stage 5 theatre trips are frequent throughout the year. There are opportunities to see set texts, as well as enrichment trips to see productions of texts that are relevant in terms of genre or time period.

KS5 Literature students

Study Days Lectures on various set texts. Selected students attend the day of lectures, take notes and feedback to classmates  Y12 and Y13 English students