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Excellent A-Level Results for JCoSS students

JCoSS are very pleased to announce the A level results of our second 6th form cohort, achieved by 33 students who came to our 6th form from previous schools.  We are delighted that 37% of all grades were either an A* or A, and well over a third of all students achieved 2As or more. 

Patrick Moriarty, Headteacher commented, “These results show students and teachers building on the successes of last year and achieving magnificently.  A quarter of students achieved AAA or better, and 17% of all grades were A* – more than twice the equivalent figure for last year.  The students have only been with us for two years, and these excellent results reflect the hard work put in by students and teachers alike.”

The great majority of students got into their first choice universities and are now set to attend prestigious universities including many at Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham and Sussex.

Amongst many outstanding achievements are those of: 

Tamar Moshkovitz (A*A*A*A)
Maya Moshkovitz (A*AAA)
Daniel Arenstein (A*AA)
Daniel Rafaeli (A*AA)
Daniel Graff (A*AAB)
Jay Engelman (A*AAC)
Hannah Gotkine (A*AB)
Leah Nathanson (A*AC)

Daniel Graff, who took Maths, Physics, Further Maths and Chemistry and is going to the University of Bristol said “I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved and the university I am going to this September. I would also like to thank all of the staff at JCoSS, especially my teachers, for having the time and patience over the past two years to help me to get where I am today”.

We are also pleased by the AS results achieved by Year 12, who have been at JCoSS for one academic year and who have achieved well in line with predictions.  We look forward to their successes at A level in a year’s time.

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