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JCoSS Mitzvah Challenge

JCoSS has launched the Mitzvah Challenge!

As we approach Rosh Hashanah and the subsequent Ten Days of Repentance we are given a rare and unique opportunity to reflect. During this period we are encouraged to repent and apologise for any wrong doings, pray and reflect on the past year and to give to charity.

In Pirkei Avot, the rabbis wrote,

מצווה גוררת מצווה; עברה גוררת עברה

“Mitzvah goreret mitzvah, averah goreret averah,”

One mitzvah (commandment/good deed) leads to another mitzvah, and one transgression leads to another transgression.

In this age of social media this text is still so relevant and true. We have seen a real rise in the craze of video challenges which have had some really positive effects.

Recently, in the Jewish Community, this modern craze was placed into the Jewish context via the Elul Mitzvah Challenge. Here at JCoSS we are expanding on this and are setting all of our students their own Mitzvah Challenge.

We are challenging you to record a 15-second video of yourself doing a mitzvah (or some element of it) that you find meaningful. Please do not post this online. Instead bring your video to the Informal Jewish Education team in HaMifgash on a memory stick, your phone or a USB. We are going to compile a video of all the challenges we receive to be posted on our new website.  But in the meantime, click here to see JCoSS staff doing their own Mitzvah Challenges.

You can film at home, in school (with permission from a member of staff), on your own or with a group. If you are filming in school feel free to come to HaMifgash and borrow one of our school Flip Cameras.

In addition you will be entered into our Mitzvah Challenge Competition – the best videos will be chosen by a team of judges and winners will each receive a Selfie Stick as a prize!

The final date for entries is 6th November 2014.



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