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JCoSS Art student has her illustrations published

Last year, the Art department was approached by one of our parents, Talya Bruck who was looking for an art student to help her out.  Talya works in CAMHS, and is the Founder of Savanna Therapeutic Stories, a series of books that help students understand their emotions.  All of her books have been illustrated by school students she asked if one of our art students would like to illustrate her next book. 

Scarlett, who is now in year 13, kindly offered to do this and she produced a series of beautiful illustrations to accompany the text that Talya had written.  This book has now been published and is for sale on Amazon, along with all the other titles in the series.  We are very proud of Scarlett’s involvement in this project and one of her illustrations below. 

Talya wrote the following to celebrate Scarlett’s fantastic achievement:

Savanna Therapeutic Stories was delighted to welcome Scarlett as a guest illustrator for our Silo’s Roar children’s therapeutic story book, a story for children about worry. Scarlett managed to capture through her images the essence of the characters, specifically Silo our main character the gorgeous little lion cub. Scarlett was able through her illustrations to convey the different emotions Silo felt bringing the story to life. Her images had a real energy to them as well as being able to show the peace and stillness at the end of the story. We are immensely grateful and proud that Scarlett chose to make her illustrating debut with us. We look forward to watching her career develop and perhaps even illustrate for us in the future.


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