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Bang and Strum It!

Year 7 students have undertaken an instrument making project as part of Music and Science Specialism – some of them are incredible!  Below is a brief account from one of our students, Freya.

“It was a challenge to make a musical instrument.  One of my problems was that I didn’t know what I should make.  I was inspired when I looked on You Tube and saw a film that showed the thicker the metal the deeper the sound.  But not having any random metal, I thought I would have to change my idea, until I thought about using my Dad’s spanners.  

My problem was when I laid my spanners on the table it made a really dull sound (not the sweet note I wanted).  I realised to make a good noise it needed a boost off the table and so I stuck them onto some wood with double sided tape.  The problem was they kept falling off.  So I tried to rest them on some rubber draft excluder and attached the spanners by rubber bands.  And it worked!  I have made my own musical instrument and I am very proud of myself!”

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