The JCoSS Governing Body consists of 16 members:

  • 4 Parent Governors drawn from and elected by current JCoSS parents
  • 1 Governor nominated by Barnet Local Authority
  • 1 Staff Governor, drawn from and elected by JCoSS staff
  • The Headteacher
  • 9 Foundation Governors, nominated by the JCoSS Trust; of these, 2 are proposed by `   Norwood

The Governing Body usually meets four times per year. It has five Committees which normally meet prior to each meeting of the Governing Body:

1.  Admissions – dealing with matters relating to the Admissions Policy for the main school and 6th form

2.   Finance and Premises – dealing with matters relating to the budget, school buildings, security and health & safety

3.  Inclusion – dealing with all matters of student behaviour and wellbeing, Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and the PSRP

4.  Personnel – dealing with matters relating to teaching and non-teaching staff, including appraisal and training

5.  Teaching and Learning – dealing with matters relating to the quality of teaching, the progress of students, examination results, and the Jewish ethos of the school

The Governing Body acts as a critical friend to the school, receiving regular reports on the budget, premises, expected results and progress towards them, the quality of teaching, admissions, staffing, Jewish ethos, the self-evaluation and planning processes, and all other achievements of the school and its students. It sets the admissions policy, approves the school budget, formally determines the pay of all staff, appoints and appraises the performance of the Headteacher, and is responsible for monitoring policies on all aspects of the school’s work.

The Governors, together with the JCoSS Trustees, provide strategic oversight, influence and expertise in a range of fields. In addition to regular, ongoing support and challenge, their work during 2015-16 included the following particular issues, with the impact indicated:



Identification of the school’s principal objectives of academic excellence and an all-inclusive Jewish faith based ethos

Close supervision of data showing student achievement and added value, exploring the challenges with the headteacher and senior staff in committee and occasional school visits. Agreeing to the appointment of a head of inclusion to oversee and then discussions with her from time to time about her goals and aspirations. Discussions with the Director of Jewish Education from time to time about her goals and aspirations for the school


Monitoring the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent


Regular review throughout the year of the school’s finances in committee. In addition, the finance director reports on an annual basis to the Governing Body about the budget and out turn. Procedures for ensuring value for money are tested annually when the SFVS is reviewed, approved and submitted to the Local Authority

 Ensuring the school consolidates when preparing students for the second set of GCSE exams in the school’s short history

Consistent encouragement and challenge supported the school to excellent results.

Monitoring the performance of each Faculty, with particular focus on any facing challenges

Critical friendship has helped ensure robust actions by the school in addressing challenges

Supporting the school through its Ofsted inspection in December 2015, attending the inspection for interview (Chair only) and for the oral feedback session with the inspectors. Reviewing the strengths and weaknesses identified by the inspectors and working with the SLT to implement change

Critical support and challenge has helped to ensure the objective and timely implementation of changes to the operational management of the school

Monitoring the impact of changes to personnel and systems in Behaviour and Inclusion

Astute questioning and expertise have ensured that the school’s ethos is upheld in both these key areas

 Monitoring the school’s support for British values in the particular context of a Jewish faith school

Discussion with senior staff about, and active support for, the school’s interfaith activities have ensured that the school remains a leader in its field

Fund raising and planning for building works to Wing D of the school

With planning approval, and the substantial funds raised, the school has started this new building project and in the meantime arranged for additional teaching space in high specification portacabins located outside the main school entrance

Addressing the possible impact of changes to Gift Aid on Voluntary Contributions to the school

Technical and strategic advice has supported lobbying activities and scenario planning

Reviewing Admissions Policies for Years 7-11 and Years 12-13, leading to new policies for 2017-8 after an engaging consultation process which involved a town hall meeting in January 2016 attended by many parents

Both policies are transparent, fully code-compliant and support the aims and ethos of the school


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