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Union Dance Workshop

GCSE students were visited by professional dancers from Union Dance Company in an intensive 2 hour workshop guaranteed to leave bruised knees and burns on feet. With ‘Dance Tekk Warriors’ set work on the current GCSE Dance specification, students were exceptionally fortunate to be taught by dancers who were in the stage production.

Union Dance promotes identity and inter-cultural understanding through a mix of Contemporary, Street and Martial Arts styles. With Tom Luxon known to have some b-boy tricks in his back pocket, it was exciting for students to experience a real fusion of different styles. So often people try to define Contemporary Dance as one thing but the real beauty of Contemporary is that it can be blended with music and dance of all genres.

As so often is the case with this GCSE class, they were like sponges, taking in every bit of information and guidance. And whilst they were somewhat perplexed by some deep breaths and chanting in the beginning, they managed to find their flow and became totally engrossed by what they were doing. Gerrard the facilitator thoroughly enjoyed working with the students and was impressed by their learning attitudes and passion for dance. The students, on the other hand, were particularly impressed by the physical strength of the dancers which was obvious to see when looking at the definition of arms, abs and legs.

Miss Gustard-Brown

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