Routes into Teaching

Routes into teaching


Schools Direct

Schools Direct is a school-based route to achieving Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). It provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in teaching and to work alongside outstanding practitioners to lay the foundations for your own outstanding career in teaching.

You will spend four days a week in school working practically in classrooms, with the remaining day spent at a training provider studying the theory of teaching and learning. Depending on the provider and personal preference, trainees will attain either QTS or a Post Graduate Qualification in Education (PGCE).

JCoSS works in partnership with two training providers to deliver Schools Direct training: Southgate ETSA (Enfield Teaching School Alliance) and the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS).

There are two routes through Schools Direct:

School Direct (Salaried)

  • Trainee is employed by the host school
  • Trainee is paid a salary (usually on the unqualified scale)
  • Trainee undertakes a (reduced) teaching timetable from day one
  • Trainee attends a professional studies programme at a training provider/SCITT one day per week
  • Trainee attains QTS and/or PGCE
  • Placement in a second setting
  • Host school pays fees to training provider

School Direct (Unsalaried)

  • Trainee can apply for a bursary from DfE
  • Supernumerary (so timetable is more flexible)
  • Trainee attains QTS and/or PGCE
  • Placement in a second setting
  • Trainee pays fees to training provider (£9000)*

*JCoSS may make a contribution towards fees depending on subject and the school’s needs

Southgate ETSA

Southgate ETSA is a partnership of schools working with Middlesex University and The Compton SCITT, which is an outstanding provider, to provide high quality teacher training.

London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS)

LSJS is a partnership of Jewish schools with its own SCITT. It is an outstanding provider which prides itself on its small size which allows them to offer excellent support and 1-1 mentoring.

As well as the Schools Direct routes, we offer a Straight to Teaching Route with TES Institute.

TES Institute – Straight to Teaching

Straight to Teaching is a unique programme for attaining QTS. It is particularly suitable for staff already working in a school environment, such as Learning Support Assistant or unqualified teachers, who are able and experienced enough to teach a timetable independently while undertaking the training programme. We offer this route largely to our existing staff and LSAs who wish to qualify as teachers.

University–led training

We offer placements to PGCE students from Higher Education partners including IoE, Goldsmiths and Middlesex University across a range of subjects.

Whichever route you choose, we look forward to receiving your applications for 2019-20.