The Pears Special Resource Provision (PSRP) is incorporated within JCoSS, offering up to fifty places (seven per year) for pupils with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD).  Norwood is our lead partner in establishing the PSRP, and has helped JCoSS to recruit its head, advise on curriculum, pastoral and support issues.

The Pears Special Resource Provision is supported by Pears Foundation, a British-based family foundation rooted in Jewish values whose work is concerned with identity and citizenship.

The number of children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders has risen considerably over the past decades and there are insufficient specialist school places to meet the needs of these children.

JCoSS’s PSRP is a unique resource within the Jewish community to meet this increased demand. Each student in the PSRP has different needs which are met on an individualised basis with an Individual Learning Plan. Integration of teaching and other school activities is undertaken where it is appropriate and helpful to both the students in the PSRP and the mainstream school. Areas might include: music, art, sports, religious activities, etc. We have the capacity to provide both integrated and separated, specialist education.

The Pears Special Resource Provision takes pupils in line with the opening of the mainstream school – i.e. starting with 11 year olds in the first year – so that the students in the PSRP can be integrated with same-aged students in the mainstream school, where appropriate.

The admissions policy for the PSRP is different from that for the mainstream school.  The admissions authority for the PSRP is Barnet Local Authority and not JCoSS.  Priority is given to those children whose special needs are best served by the service we can offer, as set out in their statement of special needs.