Pears Special Resource Provision

The Pears special Resource Provision (PSRP)

The Pears Special Resource Provision (PSRP) is an additionally resourced provision within JCoSS, offering up to 49 places (seven per year group) for pupils with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC).

The PSRP was established with significant support from the Pears Foundation, and benefits from ongoing input and partnership with Norwood, the Jewish Educational & Social Care Charity.

The PSRP is designed to provide for students who:

  • Have a diagnosis of an autistic spectrum condition (ASC) as a primary need in their Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP);
  • Have cognitive or attainment levels similar to peers in the mainstream so that their needs can be met, with support, through reasonable adjustment;
  • Can access the Social Thinking curriculum, which uses strategies that are designed for those with social learning challenges with near average to well above average cognitive ability and language skills;
  • Are at Conversational Partner stage of the Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support (SCERTS) model, whereby a student can use creative language to communicate and is learning how to succeed in a range of social settings;
  • Have demonstrated that they benefit from learning alongside appropriate peer models;
  • Have demonstrated progress during Key Stage 2 in response to specific interventions and behaviour support plans;
  • In moments of dysregulation are able to have their behaviour modified and managed within the medium-risk setting that the PSRP provides;
  • Have an understanding of their ASC diagnosis and are willing to access learning and/or support from within the PSRP.


As far as possible, PSRP students who are able to access the main school will follow the National Curriculum, with the long term view of taking up to 5 GCSEs at the end of Y11, which, if passed at Grade 4 (or equivalent) is currently sufficient to gain access to 6th form courses within the main school.

All PSRP students follow a highly differentiated curriculum focusing on developing social cognition, through the SCERTS framework and the Social Thinking curriculum. Most PSRP students will also follow ASDAN/CoPE courses, the Personal and social Development curriculum and the Employability and Work Related Learning curriculum.


Students must have a medical diagnosis of autism and an EHCP naming autism as their primary need in order to be considered for a place in the PSRP. Barnet Local Authority (LA) is the ‘admitting authority’ for the PSRP; JCoSS does not make decisions regarding admissions to the PSRP.  Parents should express an interest to their home local authority by the deadline in October, published by Barnet LA.

For more information about the PSRP, its facilities and how its provision differs from that on offer to students on role in the main school at JCoSS please click the following link:

Admission for students with Statement / EHCP into the main school or PSRP