Why is JCoSS different to any other Jewish school?

There is no other Jewish secondary school in the UK like JCoSS. JCoSS is a school for the whole Jewish community – Orthodox and Progressive, religious and secular.  Pupils are taught to understand and respect all the UK’s mainstream Jewish traditions

Our belief in inclusion shines through everything we do, always looking to include rather than exclude. We expect first and foremost to be judged on the quality of the education we provide. Our outstanding headteacher and expert educators promote excellence by working with both students and parents to ensure that every child follows a curriculum that stretches them to achieve their own unique potential. The curriculum and our Jewish Education programme, both inside and out of the classroom, encourage all students to make informed choices about the lives they wish to lead. We invite students to question, analyse and challenge each other and their learning.

Is JCoSS a selective school?

No.  JCoSS is a non-selective, state school, with no entry examination.

Priority is given to Jewish applicants i.e. those recognised as Jewish by any of the mainstream movements in the UK.

Isn’t JCoSS really a Reform/Progressive School?

No, not at all. JCoSS is a cross-communal school not Reform, Liberal, Masorti, Charedi or anything else.

We have created an environment which values all children and respects the decisions which their parents take as to how to practice their Judaism. The school is kosher and marks all the Chagim. It teaches children about all the mainstream traditions within Judaism and seeks to equip them with the information they need to develop their own ideas, without judging their decisions. Because we know many parents, whatever their backgrounds, share these values, we have attracted pupils from across the Jewish community.

Where can I read a copy of your Ofsted report?

You will find a copy of our last two reports at

How do you allocate your pupil premium grant?

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