Mathematics A Level

Course Content

Mathematics at A level provides an unrivalled opportunity to learn habits of clear analytical thought, sophisticated problem-solving techniques, and a developed awareness of the idea of proof. The study of Mathematics gives students fluency in a universal language, and the capacity to present ideas with clarity, precision and economy.  It combines well with many other subjects – supporting the study of empirical and social sciences, and complementing the study of the arts.

A Level course (Pure mathematics 1, pure mathematics 2 and statistics and mechanics)

Pure Mathematics 1:  This module consolidates and extends the algebra taught at GCSE. Students are introduced to Calculus for the first time.  The content comprises algebra and functions, coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane, sequences and series, proof, trigonometry, differentiation and integration.

Pure Mathematics 2:  This module builds upon the topics taught in Pure Mathematics 1 and introduces new and more challenging concepts in algebra and functions, coordinate geometry, sequences and series, proof, trigonometry, differentiation and integration.

Statistics and Mechanics:  Statistics requires students to be analytical, to interpret data and make inferences. This unit studies mathematical models in probability and statistics, representation and summary of data, probability, statistical distributions and hypothesis testing. Mechanics looks at how and why physical objects move and behave as they do. This module studies mathematical models in mechanics, kinematics of particles moving in straight lines, moments and forces and Newton’s laws.


The examinations consist of a 120-minute paper for each module. They contain 100 marks each. Calculators can be used in all papers.


To be a successful candidate in Further Mathematics you need to above all enjoy the subject. A Grade 7 in Mathematics and a Grade 6 in English Language GCSE is necessary to be accepted onto the course.

Students will take an algebra test at the beginning of the year which they will need to pass to take the course.

Examination Board: Edexcel    Course Number: 9MA0