Film Studies A Level

Course Content

This course of study encourages students to watch, engage critically with and explore a wide range of film; to develop and sustain confident, personal responses to film via textual analysis; and to enjoy a variety of critically acclaimed films across the major genres. These include films from different cultural perspectives, films from the Silent Era to the present day, and different forms of film, including documentary, shorts and experimental.

The course consists of a mix of examined and practical non-examined assessments (NEA) which is essentially coursework.  Practical (NEA) work offers students the opportunity to produce a short film together with an evaluation.  Students are required to study a range of critically recognised and culturally significant set films from a range of different national cinemas, contexts and film forms (including documentary, short and experimental). The micro elements of film form (cinematography, mise-en-scène, editing and sound) are still the primary tools of film analysis. Performance has been introduced as an additional micro- element.

Students must study set films from a range of time periods from the silent era to present day as well as aesthetics and a range of specified critical approaches, including two filmmakers’ theories on film.


The A Level is assessed via two examined assessments lasting two hours and a practical (NEA) production.

Component 1. Varieties of Film and Filmmaking (35%)
Component 2. Global Filmmaking Perspectives  (35%)
Component 3.  Production NEA (30%) Coursework. A short film or Screenplay


To be accepted onto the course students need at least a Grade 6 in English Language GCSE.  The course requires students to work independently and creatively. You will already have a keen interest in film, either through watching films on a regular basis, producing them, or both! You will be expected to approach tasks analytically and to be able to express your ideas clearly in writing.

Examination Board: WJEC /Eduqas

Course Code: A670U10-1