History is set by ability from Year 7.  Students develop their enthusiasm and curiosity for the past, whilst broadening their knowledge of different eras and sharpening their critical thinking skills. Concepts such as change and continuity, causation, consequence, analysis and evaluation are understood by examining key events in British History and from other civilisations.

History is taught through a variety of methods: as well as supporting and developing extended written work, we use activities such as information bingo, card sorts, role plays, historical investigations and source analysis. Students work individually as well as in pairs and groups.

In Key Stage 3 History, students begin by studying England during the medieval period. Students begin with a study of the Norman Conquest before moving on to look at aspects of daily life. Students will also investigate key issues surrounding politics and leadership during the Middle Ages. Students will then complete a thematic study of the development of democracy in Britain form the Middle Ages to the 20th century. . The Year 8 course covers Industrial Britain, focusing on key economic and social changes during the 19th century, culminating in a depth study of the impact of the British Empire. Students will then progress to look at key aspects of the transatlantic slave trade. In the summer term, students will complete a unit of work looking at the impact of World War One and Two on Britain. In Year 9 students complete a depth study on the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, life in Nazi Germany and the development of the Holocaust.

We follow the AQA GCSE History specification. GCSE History begins with a study of Britain, Health and the People, looking at the development of medical progress over a 1000 year period. Students will then move on to complete a depth study looking at the impact of Norman rule on English society, politics and religion from 1066 –c.1100. In Year 11 students will complete a period study of America 1920-1973 and then focus on the development of international relations in a unit on the Cold War in Europe and Asia.