KS3:  All students in Years 7-8 have Drama once each week and year 9 twice a week. We follow Schemes of Learning that offer opportunities to develop communication, collaboration and co-operation. Through the skills and knowledge acquired in Drama, students are encouraged to use their creative skills and their imagination to create empathy in order to understand the world from viewpoints other than their own.

KS3 Drama introduces students to the Explorative Strategies of still image, marking-the-moment, cross-cutting, hot-seating, thoughts-aloud, rôle play and Forum Theatre.

Each Scheme of Learning runs for half a term. Assessment for Learning  (Creating, Performing and Evaluating) feeds directly into the targets needed to work towards in order to progress through the Key Stage.  Schemes of Learning include  Darkwood Manor,  Superheroes, The Titanic, Commedia, Radio plays, Physical Theatre, Status, Silent Movies, Political Theatre, Bullying, Devising and Theatre spaces.

KS4:  At GCSE we follow the Edexcel GCSE Drama course. At the start of the course, students revise and reflect on their knowledge and understanding of the work covered in KS3. In addition to the Explorative Strategies, they learn how to include the Medium and the Elements of Drama in their work. In Y10, students are assessed on components 1,2, and 3 as ‘mocks’ for progression into Y11. In the autumn term of Y11, component 1 is completed and in the spring term component 2. In addition to practical performances students complete a working notebook. Theatre visits and practitioner workshops form an integral aspect of the GCSE Drama course; attending the theatre regularly enables students to access the highest grades in GCSE Drama.