Art and Design

Art is an integral part of the education of students at JCoSS. The rationale for the subject stems from the importance of applying creativity to different ways of thinking. We firmly believe that students need to be equipped with skills, knowledge and working practices of artists and designers that cultivate the visual world we live in. We teach Art so that students learn to engage with visual stimuli in their everyday lives and experiences, consolidating their understanding of what they are learning in the classroom.  A stimulating working environment is created both in the classroom and around the school. Students’ work, chosen from all year groups, is displayed as much as possible and students are encouraged to enjoy their Art lessons and gain confidence and expertise within the artistic and creative fields to express their own ideas.

Students are taught in mixed ability sets from Year 7 onwards and are taught to draw using a wide variety of media, including painting, printing, 3D work and textiles. Students are also introduced to the history and work of different artists, designers and Art movements, as well as gain insight into careers within the creative industries which helps them gain an understanding of the place of Art in our society. Extended home learning projects encourage students to explore and experiment with a range of creative practices outside of the classroom. The department extends students’ learning with Art clubs, workshops, competitions and Local and Residential Art trips that are designed to consolidate what students learn in the classroom environment.

For those students who choose to study Art at Key Stage 4/5, they will build upon the skills and techniques learnt throughout Key Stage 3, in order to develop and explore a personal line of enquiry related to set Coursework and Exam themes.