Jewish Education (Formal and Informal)


What is involved?

Who for?

6th Form JE Lessons on a broad range of Jewish themes Years 12-13
Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership Programme Inter-school leadership training programme Year 10 – Self Select
Beit Midrash Intensive Jewish learning Years 7-9 – Self Select
Charity Fair Fair to choose school charities for the year Self Select
Festival activities Activities in the heartspace for festivals Self Select
Gap Year Workshop and Fair Introduction to gap years Year 12
Interfaith Linking – St Augustine’s Priory School Interfaith linking programme with St Augustine’s Priory Schoo Year 9 girls – Self Select
Interfaith Linking – Tawhid Boys School Interfaith linking programme with Tahwid Boys School Year 9 boys – Self Select
Interfaith Tent Interfaith encounters and workshops in the Interfaith Tent Years 7-9
Interfaith Week Interfaith social action projects Years 7-9 – Self Select
Israel Club Lunchtime club – Israel games and activities Self Select
Israel Journey 2 week immersive Israel Tour Year 9 – Self Select
Israel Tour Fair Youth movement promotion of Israel Tour Year 11
JCoSS Leadership Academy Leadership development programme Years 12-13 – Self Select
JCoSS Shabbat Baking Challah for JCoSS Shabbat Self Select
Kabbalat Shabbat Kabbalat Shabbat prayers Self Select
Maccabi GB Challenge Israel Tour Israel Tour for young people with learning disabilities Year 12-13 – Self Select
Manna from Heaven Lunchtime club – Baking for Homeless Action Barnet Self Select
Mincha Mincha prayers Self Select
Mitzvah Day Day of community service Self Select
Poland Trip Poland Trip Year 12 – Self Select
Pride Week Activities for LGBT+ Pride Week Self Select
Rosh Chodesh Prayer, reflection and Jewish education sessions on Rosh Chodesh Years 7-9
Rosh Chodesh ‘TED’ style talks on Rosh Chodesh from distinguished guests Years 10-11
Social Snacktion Social action reward club Self Select
Sukkot & Social Action Sessions with school charities in the Sukkah Self Select
Summer Programme Fair Youth movement promotion of summer camps Years 7-10 – Self Select
Team Tikkun Social Action Committee Self Select
Volunteering Opportunities, Community Visits & Fundraising Visits to care homes and community events Self Select
We Day Day promoting social action 15 students engaged in social action
Year 10 Lag B’Omer Residential Trip away for Lag B’Omer Year 10 – Self Select
Year 7 IJE Values based curriculum delivered through IJE Year 7
Year 7 Shabbaton Weekend away Year 7 – Self Select
Year 8 Volunteering Each student completes an hour of volunteering in school time Year 8
Yom Tzedakah Fundraisers days led by each year group Each year group
Yoni Jesner Award Volunteering award Years 7 & 8 – Self Select