What is involved?

Who for?

Geography Stretch and challenge in lessons KS3

Differentiated interventions focusing on high level exams skills –

Subscriptions/ Magazine articles  from – Geographical review, the economist, the Royal Geographic association.

History Stretch and challenge tasks in lessons All students
History Use of academic texts alongside the text book at A-Level, including key historians such as William Doyle. KS5
History Reading Group

 This is an A-Level reading group in which the work of an academic historian is read in its entirety and analysed chapter by chapter.

History Reading List

 The History department has curated an in-depth reading list that goes way beyond just reading. Favourite historical works, novel, podcasts and films are among the many recommendations for students who wish to explore their subject more widely.

All Students

Parallel Histories debate competition –  this competition will be facilitated by Parallel Histories, a trusted organisation JCoSS has used in the past to develop oral, critical thinking and teamwork skills. If you would like more information about them, please see here: They provide all the information the students need, and the topics include Churchill and the British mandate on Israel.

Year 12

Tailoring resources to stretch the most able for example, exam booklets of past exam questions
– Academic literature in the classroom
– Notice board of revision materials 
– Sociology Review Magazine


Sociology of Immigration video project

by coordinating with an expert videographer, students create a video about the true stories of migrants. Afterwards, the Barnet based company ‘Youth Exposure’ is used a platform for students to share a piece of reflective writing on the project. This raises aspiration in technical and humanities-based subjects, improves understanding of social issues and technology, as well as cultivating softer skills of compassion and empathy

Year 8 and 9

Visit Parliament with discussion with a Peer and MPs

Trip to student conference , featuring prominent speakers (e.g. Speaker of HOC)

Politicians visit the school (e.g. Luciana Berger, Theresa Villiers)

Subscription to Politics Review

Year 13s mentoring of Year 12s

Model answer booklets

Independent reading list for key topics to extend student reading


Mock trials – these dynamic virtual mock trial workshops, run by experienced tutors, are designed to provide participants with a true-to-life interactive experience of a criminal law case in a virtual Crown Court, from start to finish. Participants will assume the roles of barristers and witnesses and carry out a full trial. This is a perfect experience for any students interested in a career in law, or keen to gain further understanding of the subject. Students will also have a chance to engage in a Q and A, run by the tutor overseeing the course. 


Year 10