D&T & Food Tech


What is involved?

Who for?

Year 10 residential trip to Spain.

ADT and Spanish students visit and explore historical and cultural aspects in Southern Spain over 5 days. Students gain an insight on how to be inspired from surroundings which supports advancements in their coursework.

KS4 – Year 10

D&T – 6 week Workshop Machine course

Learning how to use the machinery in a safe environment

Less confident students. A&A D&T students will help

D&T – Run a Design Venturer competition

A competition linked with the Design Museum

A&A D&T students

D&T – Rotary Technology Tournament

A problem solving competition

A&A Yr10 & Yr11 students

Food Technology

A cooking competition run in heats

Self select process – all years

KS4 and 5 Booster sessions for both D&T and Food Technology

Opportunities for students to come and improve their coursework.

KS4/5: Years 10-13