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JCoSS’s first Director of Jewish Education “a bridge across the community”

The JCoSS Governors – announcing their first Director of Jewish Education – have described her as offering “a bridge to every part of the community”.

Elaine Robinson, 37 is currently Head of Jewish Social Responsibility at the UJIA. She will take up the new post on 1st September 2009, but will be immediately involved in planning, in so far as her current job allows.

Previously, Deputy Director of Jewish Life at Orthodox independent secondary school, Immanuel College, where she taught for six years, Ms Robinson still teaches at the London School of Jewish Studies (formerly Jew’s College), Limmud and New North London Synagogue in Finchley. She is a trustee of Jewish social action charity, Tzedek.

She grew up at Childwall Orthodox synagogue in Liverpool, and was an active member of B’nei Akiva before studing at Brovenders, as well as Machon Pardes.

On hearing of her appointment Ms Robinson said:

“This is a truly exciting moment in the history of Anglo-Jewry and I want to be a part of it. My own schooling at the King David High School helped to shape my personal commitment to an open Jewish education. I strongly believe that young people should be encouraged to learn in an inclusive, non-judgmental environment, be nurtured through their own Jewish journeys, and helped to work towards achieving excellence in their Jewish learning.

“JCoSS will offer an environment in which all strands and traditions of Judaism are equally respected, so that no student will have to compromise on their beliefs or practices,” she concluded.

Announcing her appointment, Chair of Governors, Mike Grabiner, said:

“Elaine’s credentials as one of the country’s leading Jewish educators are unquestionable. Meanwhile, her vast and varied experience – both professional and personal – ensures that she will be able to act as a bridge to every part of our community, understanding their needs and working with them to meet any concerns.”

JCoSS opens in September 2010 and applications for its first intake of Year 7 pupils will need to be submitted by October 2009. Prior to that, Elaine Robinson will join Headteacher, Jeremy Stowe-Lindner, setting out their vision for the school at JCoSS’s two Open Days on Sunday 13th September and Thursday 1st October.


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