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Supporters Update – Summer 2009

Supporters Update – Summer 2009

In this edition:

JCoSS Open Days: 13th September and 1st October

JCoSS’s Open Days this Autumn are an absolute must for parents and students considering JCoSS as an option for 2010:

  • Hear JCoSS’s Headteacher set out our vision for the school and explain the curriculum;
  • Visit the site and see the excellent progress which is being made on the building (now ahead of schedule);
  • Meet the first staff and governors and have all your questions answered;
  • Be among the first to see the school uniform;
  • Tour JCoSS’s new building by means of our brand new 4-D computer simulation 

JCoSS offers parents and students not one but two opportunities to visit us:

  • Sunday 13th September, talk at 2pm and repeated at 4pm
  • Thursday 1st October, talk at 6.30pm

All sessions will be held at East Barnet Upper School, Westbrook Crescent, Barnet, EN4 9AR, immediately adjacent to the JCoSS site.

Please note: for reasons of security we strongly urge all visitors to register for the Open Days.  Please click here to let us know you’ll be attending.

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Director of Jewish Education Appointed

JCoSS has made its second teaching appointment.  Elaine Robinson, 37, will formally join Headteacher, Jeremy Stowe-Lindner, on the JCoSS staff this September as Director of Jewish Education.  By making this post the school’s second appointment, JCoSS is demonstrating the importance we attach to the school’s cross-community Jewish ethos. 

Until recently, Head of Jewish Social Responsibility at the UJIA, Elaine was previously Deputy Director of Jewish Life at Orthodox independent secondary school, Immanuel College, where she taught for six years. She also still teaches at the London School of Jewish Studies (formerly Jew’s College), Limmud and New North London Synagogue in Finchley.  She is a trustee of Jewish social action charity, Tzedek. 

Elaine says:

“I strongly believe that young people should be encouraged to learn in an inclusive, non-judgmental environment and be nurtured through their own Jewish journeys.  I will ensure JCoSS equally respects all strands of Judaism, so that no student will have to compromise on their beliefs or practices.”

Chair of Governors, Mike Grabiner, adds:

“Elaine’s credentials as one of the country’s leading Jewish educators are unquestionable.  Her vast and varied experience – both professional and personal – ensures that she will be able to act as a bridge to every part of our community, understanding their needs and working with them to meet any concerns.”

JCoSS’s next key appointments will be the Deputy Headteacher and the Director of Special Resource Provision.  Both posts will be advertised widely in September.  Stowe-Lindner says:

“These are two very exciting opportunities for experienced professionals to work with the JCoSS team to create an inspirational new school.”

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JCoSS’s admissions policy update

JCoSS is not the only Jewish school in the media at the moment.  The JFS Court of Appeal ruling has received widespread attention and comment across the community. 

It is not for JCoSS to comment on another school, but even though our own admissions policy is quite different from that of JFS, the ruling may also affect us.  We are, therefore, currently seeking legal advice and, should it be necessary, will of course amend our own published admissions policy to ensure that JCoSS complies with the law. 

Our current admissions policy can be viewed in full at our website and this will updated as soon as we have any further information.

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Latest information about private coach routes

JCoSS is publicly committed to offering private coach services to and from the school from its first year. The exact routes and costs will of course depend on where our first intake of students comes from.  Having undertaken a detailed analysis of the current registrations of interest, however, JCoSS is now able to say that up to five private coach routes are possible, dependent on demand:

Route 1:
Golders Green–Hendon–Mill Hill

Route 2:
Ilford–Palmers Green–Southgate

Route 3:

Route 4:
Crouch End–Highgate–Muswell Hill–Finchley (East/Central/North)–Woodside Park

Route 5:

We are also able to confirm the cost for these services as being likely to be between £5-£8 per day.  Exactly which routes are viable to run from year one will be known at the end of the application process, once parents have confirmed their interest in each route.

Don’t forget you can also join our discussion on car sharing at our facebook group: and post a message.) 

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Sign up a friend to receive our free youth prospectus

As someone who has already registered with JCoSS, if you have a child who will be entering Year 6 in September you will be among the first to receive the JCoSS Prospectus. 

In addition, because we recognise that the students themselves as much as their parents will be central to deciding where they go to secondary school, we will soon be sending out a unique mini-prospectus aimed specifically at our first potential students. 

If you know anyone with a child about to enter Year 6 who is not yet registered with JCoSS, please send us their email address at  We will then send them a single personalised email inviting them to register their interest at the site.  If they do not reply or say they wish to be removed from the list we promise never to bother them again. 

Or if you prefer please forward this update to them and invite them to subscribe in person by clicking here

Please note, only those who have registered their interest in JCoSS in advance will receive an advanced copy of the prospectus as well as a copy of our unique mini-prospectus for potential students.

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