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JCoSS A Level and Cambridge Technical results 2020

We are delighted to announce another record-breaking set of A level results, once again beating previous records.  Exams did not take place this year due to school closure, and grades have been calculated by exam boards using a statistic model to moderate grades provided by the school.  While any such system has its drawbacks it is gratifying that it has recognised the talents of our students.  Overall, 49% of grades were either A* or A, and 78% were at Grade B or above.

Among many outstanding individual A level performances are those of:

Ethan Levenson (A*, A*, A*, A*)

Oscar Pollack (A*, A*, A*, A*)

Stefan Tucker (A*, A*, A*, A*)

Ben Conway (A*, A*, A*)

Ethan Baker (A*, A*, A*)

Joseph Pollock (A*, A*, A, A)

Eliana Stern (A*, A*, A, A)

James Saker (A*, A*, A, A)

Guy Nitzani (A*, A*, A)

Cody Roth (A*, A*, A)

Manny Smith (A*, A*, A)

Tal Cohen (A*, A*, B)


5 students scored A* in at least 3 subjects, and half of the A level cohort scored at least 2 A grades.  All 7 students who held offers at Oxford and Cambridge had their places confirmed.


In vocational subjects, 70% of all grades were at Distinction (equivalent to an A grade) or better, with 88% of grades at Merit or better.   With some results still to arrive, outstanding performances included:

Amber-Jade Bernard (Dist* Dist* Dist*)

Talia Austen (Dist* Dist* Dist*)

Zak Pearson (Dist* Dist* Dist*)

Alex Rennick (Dist* Dist* Dist*)

There are many other students whose grades are stunning either as raw results or in terms of their personal achievement against challenging odds, or both.

Despite the uncertainties of the last 6 months and the awarding of grades, the vast majority of the year group have places confirmed at their chosen universities and are now set to embark on courses including Medicine, Maths, Engineering, Economics, the Arts, Business and Science at many prestigious institutions. Others are heading into employment or other routes.

Headteacher Patrick Moriarty commented:

‘This cohort have faced exceptional challenges and disruption to the end of their schooling, and we are both relieved and delighted that these excellent results recognise their huge strengths.  I salute the unstinting hard work done by them, their teachers and (given the strains of the past 6 months) their parents also. 

Denied many of the rituals of leaving school, many of these students have found creative and generous ways to contribute to society or to broaden their learning.  We are very proud of them all, and very pleased to have built on the successes that made us Sunday Times Greater London School of the Year for 2020 with even stronger results this year.

‘We take pride not only in the academic accomplishments of our students but in the qualities that have grown in them during their time at JCoSS.  They leave as accomplished Mensches, embodying the values of the school and the wider community, and ready to act as ambassadors for both as they step forward on the next phase of their journey.’

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