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Year 10 Morrisby Career Meetings Underway

The annual programme of career meetings organised with every Year 10 student has now started and will run until the end of the year.

The meetings follow the completion of Morrisby psychometric assessments with the whole year group, last term. The Morrisby assessment is well known in the independent sector and JCoSS is one of the few state schools in the country to deliver it free of charge for every Year 10 student. We have been running it for several years now and believe it is a really positive addition to the way we support your children in their career thinking.

It measures verbal, numerical, abstract, spatial and mechanical abilities and requires students to complete a career interests questionnaire. Together, these enable Morrisby to create an in-depth profile report of each student; what they like and where their talents and aspirations lie, the nature of their personality and their employment preferences.

This year for the first time we are adding the notes from our career meetings with students, including advice on what to do now to further their career ideas, to the on-line report. To view the notes, students will need to access their report by logging on to their Morrisby account. Please ask them about this and ensure they can log in. If they can’t remember their details please tell them to come to the Careers Office and we will help them set up a new log-in.

We want to ensure your child gets the most out of their Morrisby assessment. There is a lot to it and sharing the report with you will help them do this. We are sure you will find it interesting reading, if you haven’t already seen it.

The report includes an interactive tool which allows students to investigate different career options and start to
understand the educational pathways that are involved. 
This can help students make decisions about post 16 choices including A levels, Cambridge Technicals, apprenticeships, and further and higher education.

All the Morrisby log-ins are ‘for life’, so students can re-visit the Morrisby website throughout their educational and working lives, updating their career interests as they develop, to seek out the next opportunity. See the details on the Morrisby website

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