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Year 11 Reward Trip to the WB Studio Tour

This term 25 Year 11 students went on a reward trip to Harry Potter Studios. Despite the lurking stress of exams hanging over me during the holidays, I was nothing short of ecstatic when the day began (always a perk to have an authorised absence!). The teachers who came, all Harry Potter enthusiasts themselves, were surprisingly a lot of fun to tour the studios with. I’ve never seen Mr de Jong as overwhelmed with joy as when he bought himself Dumbledore’s wand (a replica) from the gift shop. The intricacy of the exhibits, the interactivity of the green-screen broomsticks and the wand choreography were unexpected, yet immersive, experiences, giving wonderful insight to the Wizarding World of Happy Potter. Overall, beside from the not-so-enjoyable butter beer, visiting Harry Potter studios was the perfect way to return to school.

By Misha Vides 

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