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Fantastic Results 2018

We are delighted to announce our 2nd full set of A Level Results from our cohort who joined JCoSS in its second year.  Overall, 38% of grades were either A* or A, and 67% were at Grade B or above – our best ever results by some margin.

Among many outstanding individual performances are those of:

Aviv Silver A*A*A*A*
Adam Gould A*A*A*A*
Jack Margolis A*A*A*A*
Josh Cowan A*A*A*A
Noa Marson A*A*A A
Zach Levenson A*A*A A
Max Simmonds A*A*A*
Lucas Samuel A*A*A*
Talia Friend A*A*A
Joe Rogove A*A*A
Aliyah Kossoff A*A*B

We are enormously proud that 7 students who were holding offers for Oxbridge and/or Medical School have also received the necessary grades to take up their places – this again comfortably surpasses previous years and continues the upward trend since the school’s earliest results.

The great majority of the year group are placed in their chosen universities and are now set to embark on courses including Medicine, Veterinary Science, Arts, Business and Science at prestigious institutions. Others are heading into employment or other routes.

24 students scored all A/A* grades and/or Distinction/Distinction* across all their subjects and 6 students scored A* in 3 or more subjects.  Special mention must also go to those across the cohort and on both vocational and A level pathways who achieved grades far beyond their targets: Holly Krais and Lucas Samuel exceeded them by a total of 6 grades, Alex Rose, Jenifer Harding, Ben Good and Daniel Birke by 5 grades, and Martha Slater, Georgina Lewis, Rebecca Wilcockson, Talia Friend, Tom Slagter and Sam Bromley by 4 grades.

Headteacher Patrick Moriarty commented:

‘We are delighted by another set of excellent results – the 2nd whole cohort in our collection.  Both academic and vocational outcomes are testament to the exceptional hard work and dedication of staff and students alike, who were tackling new and demanding specifications in many subjects. 

‘We are proud not only of the academic accomplishments of our students but of the qualities that have grown in them during their time at JCoSS.  They leave as accomplished Mensches, embodying the values of the school and the wider community, and ready to act as ambassadors for both as they step forward on the next phase of their journey.’

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