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Informal Jewish Education at JCoSS

The summer has been an interfaith term at JCoSS, with our final days taking place with our link schools, Tawhid Boys’ School and St Augustine’s Priority.  The linking programme, which takes place over the whole year aims to create close and ongoing bonds between students and schools, which evolve over the year.  We look forward to starting our new linking cohorts next term. 

Of course, the jewel in the crown of the interfaith programme is the Interfaith Tent, our two-week programme for Key Stage 3.  Students had a wide range of interfaith encounters in the tent, as its occupants changed each day.  From Islamic spoken word poetry to learning about what it’s like working for the Archbishop of Canterbury, each day brought new insights and experiences.

We also marked Pride Week with a series of assemblies run in conjunction with Keshet UK.  Each day students met a volunteer from Keshet UK who came to school, shared their own stories and gave information about the charity.  Thank you also to the staff committee who organised the Pride art display and the sale of rainbow ribbons in the Heartspace.

Well done to Year 7 who raised over £200 on their Yom Tzedakah for school charities, bringing the grand total raised this year for school charities to over £10,000.  By the time this newsletter goes out, the school will have chosen its new charities following the annual Charities fair.

Congratulations to the Year 7 students who completed the Yoni Jesner Award this year and were celebrated at the annual Graduation Ceremony.  Students completed either 30 or 50 hours of volunteering during the year and were very proud to be honoured along with students from other Jewish schools for their community volunteering efforts.

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