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Institute of Chartered Accountants BASE Competition

A team of 5 JCoSS Economics students competed in the final of the Institute of Chartered Accountants BASE competition.  Over 4000 Year 12 students from the whole of the UK entered this competition and just over 400 were at the final which was held at the Birmingham Hilton Hotel in June. 


The students were challenged in four knockout rounds, having to firstly to complete an online strengths test that put them into teams according to their mix of abilities.  The second round involved making calculations and recommendations for a charity on how to achieve its goals.  In the third round the students recorded a presentation
and answered questions about sales for a tech company and at the final, they gave a face to face presentation on a
possible merger for the company.

The judges, from a variety of branches within accountancy, found the JCoSS team to be bright, engaging and humorous.  The Economics staff congratulate Harley Morris, Omer Samuel, Eddie Lisberg, Arian Osmanagiq
and Gabe Cooke on their excellent performance and for representing the school and department so well.

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