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An insight into the Year 9 Israel Journey

The Year 9 Israel trip is an enthralling, thought-provoking and exciting journey that I will never forget. I could write a whole dissertation about it but sadly I am limited. We started off in Jerusalem, moved up to the North, then came back towards the South and returned back to Jerusalem at the end of the trip. A particular highlight was visiting a charity called Shalva which helps people with ‘diffabilities’ (a term used by Shalva instead of disabilities) from infancy to adulthood. Seeing this amazing charity and how it runs really inspired me to do more charity work and give back to the world. We spent our time there packing tea bags into decorative boxes for them to sell.  Shalva use the earnings to fund new and improved equipment and expand their reach.

Whilst in Israel we did a lot of swimming, including in the Dead Sea. We climbed up Masada and enjoyed many other hikes, all of which were fascinating and provided great photo opportunities! We went camel riding in the desert and rafting along the Jordan River – a definite highlight for many! We also met up with many different cultures and saw their way of life including Druze and Bedouins; we also got a taste of the ultra-orthodox Jewish community and enjoyed getting to see the many sides of Israel.

I have run out of breath, so now it’s time to finish off. The Year 9 Israel Trip is not a typical holiday and I would not miss out on this once in a lifetime experience – I would advise everyone in Year 7 and 8 to sign up when the time is right and have the experience of a lifetime!

by Gabriel Koppel 9s

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