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Year 13 Leavers

To a fresh faced Year 7 student, Year 13 seemed a life time away. Sitting here now, we can’t quite believe how seven years have just flown by. 

Being the second ever cohort at JCoSS, our version of Year 7, and indeed of the JCoSS experience has been so vastly different to anyone else’s. Remembering a school with only 300 students, 25 teachers and classrooms that were yet to be furnished, is worlds away from the established and flourishing school community which we are graduating from today. We are so grateful to have been able to watch JCoSS grow and develop alongside us, and we feel lucky to have contributed to that even a small amount. 

Last week, Year 13 students and teachers gathered in the PSRP hall for a (not so final!) final goodbye. As expected, there were tears but more importantly laughter as memories from over the years were shared and

re-visited. With exams imminent, pressure and tension is running high, so to have a pause for reflection and celebration was greatly appreciated and certainly needed.

Our 6th form, and indeed JCoSS experience may be coming to an end but we will always carry a little piece of JCoSS with us. 

Abi Wander, Ruth Launer and Noa Clare Rees

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