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Miss Bossman and The JCoSS Eco-Warriors take over City Hall.

This has been the busiest term yet for the JCoSS ECO-warriors.  It has felt like ‘World Domination of the recycling clan’ at times. There have been more students volunteering to help in collecting plastic bottles, complete school recycling surveys and bottling audit takes, and sharing views and ideas in planning for next terms ECO-Enrichment sessions at school. There has been a real insurgence within the whole school ethos for recycling more.

This month, besides the massive climate change here in freezing Barnet with a sudden fleet of snow, some of the ECO-Warriors had the opportunity to visit City Hall. It was a great success as students and four of our JCoSS staff were able to experience rubbing shoulders with our great ‘City of London’s elite’. A session was given by London Assembly member Andrew Dismore, who gave us a deeper political scope into the daily running of local/national debating and the workmanship behind holding Sadiq Khan, London Mayor to account.

The JCoSS ECO Warriors were so popular at City Hall, Mr Khan managed to make some time during his extremely hectic timetable and popped over during lunchtime to say hello to the students.  Some were taken aback and almost star-struck! There were many great comments about their behaviour and the intelligent questions that they asked. 

A student review from Anthony Cohen, a Year 10 PSRP student said ‘I enjoyed the whole day but if I could highlight my favourite, it would be when I sat in the City Hall Auditorium gallery to hear the RT Hon Mayor being asked questions by other assembly members. The discussion on Transport was really interesting and we had to make sure that we sat very quietly.  I also saw one of the London Assembly Members playing Candy Crush! I told Miss Bossman and others, and we all had a good laugh.  It shows that even a London Assembly Member is human and cannot resist a good old game when they get distracted!’

Please watch this space and keep on recycling!


Thank you Miss V Bossman-Quarshie and the ECO-Warriors

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