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6th Form Prefects

We would like to congratulate the newly elected 6th form Senior Prefects: Jay Sands, Benjy Smokler, Noa Marson, Jake Segal, Adam Sheldon, Aidan Raphael, Holly Krais, Melody White, Jack Foreman, Adam Aradi-Posylkin, Gil Sherman, Noa Clare-Rees, Eli Harris, Grace Paydon, Max Simmonds, Abi Wander, Cherie Herman, Talia Friend, Sedona Black, Rebecca Wilcockson, Ella Raphael and Emilia Fantoni.  2017 sees the launch of a revised student leadership structure which aims to enhance the student voice and the visibility of student leadership. All 6th form  Senior Prefects now gain automatic entry into the school council as well as undertaking various prefect roles in sports and performing arts, the house system, fundraising, ethos, student leadership and inclusion. We expect great things from this team and welcome them as our new ambassadors.

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