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JCoSS announce additional 30 places for September 2017

JCoSS have announced they will be creating an additional 30 places for students starting this September, taking the total number of students to 210 for the 2017/18 cohort.  These extra places will be given in the first round of offers on the 1st March, saving the anguish of many families in our community.

Patrick Moriarty, Headteacher explained:  “We have had a record number of applications this year and in particular a very high number of first choice applications in proportion to the number of places we had to offer.  And so, after detailed discussion with PaJeS and the other Jewish Secondary Schools, our Governors have agreed it was our responsibility to the community to increase our intake for this year. 

We are thrilled that we are able to offer these vital additional lottery places and hope it will go some way to relieving the pressure on the 1st March for many anxious families in our community.  We have begun careful planning for the additional numbers which we expect to accommodate in the first instance by keeping some temporary classrooms.  We are confident that we can make it a smooth transition.”

Mr Moriarty concluded:  “JCoSS is a genuine success story.  The school opened in September 2010 with 150 students and a great deal of faith.  Now, 7 years later, those students are about to embark on their A Level exams, with offers for Oxbridge, Medicine and other highly competitive courses and universities amongst them.  Our popularity and expansion firmly secures this success story and it is with a huge sense of pride that I welcome 210 new students to JCoSS this September.”


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