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JCoSS Interfaith Tent

What do a de-robed Buddhist monk, a Christian youth worker, a Muslim beat poet and a teenage campaigner against forced marriage have in common? Well, they were amongst the guests we welcomed into our JCoSS Interfaith tent this year during the 2 week period of what has come to be known as ‘The Tent’.

“Who’s in The Tent today? Miss, have we got The Tent today?  Who did you have in The Tent” – these are the conversations which can be heard in and around JCoSS during our Interfaith fortnight.  We welcomed fellow students from Kingsmead and Copthall School, as well as faith leaders and practitioners from a range of faith groups. Discussions were wide ranging and always challenging, as students explored many different aspects of faith and belief through discussion, debate, art, dance and meditation.

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