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GCSE results – history is made!

We are thrilled to announce outstanding GCSE results from our pioneering cohort of students who joined the school in 2010 when our doors first opened.

Overall, 41% of grades achieved were either A or A*, and 86% were at grades A*-C. Including GCSE exams taken early last year, 45% of students scored at least 5 A* or A grades across their subjects and nearly a quarter have achieved A* or A grades in 9 or more GCSE exams.

Among many outstanding individual performances are those of Joel Avigdor (12A*), Nikita Ostrovsky (11A*), Harley Benson, Breta Sulejmani and Rebecca Middleburgh (10A*), Josh Lazarus, Kezia Lobatto and Molly Schiller (9A*) – many of these students also gained further A grades on top of these A*s.

Headteacher, Mr Moriarty commented: ‘It has been a very emotional day for us all, from students and staff to parents and the wider community who helped to turn JCoSS from a dream into a reality. So many families put their faith into JCoSS when we had neither a building nor a proven track record, and I am overjoyed that their trust and commitment has paid off so handsomely. We have been privileged to watch this special set of students grow into fine young people, and we are delighted that so much hard work and dedication from students and staff alike has resulted in a magnificent first set of GCSE results. History has certainly been made.’

Chair of Governors, Jeremy Kosky, and Vice-Chair, Stephen Clayman, noted: “After five years since we opened our doors in September 2010, the Governing Body looks back with genuine pleasure and real pride at what JCoSS has so far achieved under Patrick Moriarty’s remarkable leadership. JCoSS has established a fresh and exciting environment in which our students are motivated to learn with real endeavour by our teaching community. JCoSS provides a wonderful platform of academic insight, musical and sporting achievement and, importantly, great joy.”

As well as excellent raw grades, the school’s “value added” score is very high also. The new ‘Progress 8’ measure, which becomes statutory next year, shows that teaching at JCoSS added an average of 4 grades to every student, compared to national expectations.

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